Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill Review


Impact drills are gaining traction as amazing tools for a broad range of work. These products add repeated blows to the rotation for more secure and powerful performance. More and more home improvement experts are turning to this type and driver as their primary tools, and more impact drills are being produced and introduced in … Read more

Milwaukee Drill Driver Combo Kit Review: Cordless Tool

Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18

There are certain tools that are a must-have in any toolkit. These often go beyond the basics of a hammer or screwdriver and provide additional power to everything that you could need. The Milwaukee 2796-22 Fuel 18 V Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo provides those tools in abundance. In fact, it is perhaps the ultimate choice when it … Read more

Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 Cordless Drill Review


Milwaukee is one of the leading manufacturers of drills, and their latest addition is proof of that. The Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 or M18 Fuel is the newest edition in Milwaukee’s great legacy of high-quality metal ratcheting drills. The ½” kit comes with everything you need to get the job done. Whether it is a … Read more

Makita XT269M 18V LXT Review: Cordless Combo Kit


It is very rare to purchase a toolkit whose tools tick all the boxes required to be effective in their function. The elements needed for a tool to be effective include ample power, versatility, energy efficiency, user-friendly, and a sturdy build. However, the Makita XT269M 18V LXT ticks all the right boxes. Its tools are … Read more

Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 Cordless Rotary Hammer Review


All the power you need to be invested in one cordless hammer drill lies within the Makita XRH05Z. If you know how to use a drill, this powerhouse will outdo any other model you have ever used. Completely outperforming similar products, this high-grade machine is making construction and projects easier than ever. Whether you need … Read more

Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium Cordless Drill Review


For everyday maintenance and projects, a regular cordless power drill would do just fine, but for tougher materials, you need something a bit more powerful. The choices are endless from impact frills to rotary hammers to hammer drivers. There is no real wrong choice; it all depends on what exactly your needs are for your … Read more

DEWALT DCK299P2 Combo Kit Review


For many DIY jobs, you really don’t need to own two separate power tools like this. You can buy single tools with attachments that will work reasonably well for most jobs. But once you go beyond the most basic DIY work you really hit the limitations. Especially on the impact riverside. Most power drills will just … Read more

Dewalt DCH273B 20V Cordless Hammer Drill Review


When buying power tools, you want to find the perfect products to suit your needs. There are various qualities to look for while searching for power drills and such. Some things to consider are power, speed, the chuck, and the clutch, and whether it has a forward/reverse switch, which allows you to remove screws as … Read more

Dewalt DCD996B Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DCD996B Cordless Drill Review

There are those who look forward to the 5 o’clock news in the evening after a long day of work, and then there are those who look forward to Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. There are those who are reaching for their Wolverine work boots in the mornings and others who are grabbing … Read more

DeWalt DCD791D2 20V Max XR Cordless Drill Review

DeWalt is perhaps one of the most popular brands among power drills. The DCD791D2 20V brushless power drill is the latest in innovative technology. The DeWalt DCD791D2 is lightweight and compact compared to other model drills and has improved motor longevity over that of previous models. The model’s size and weight make it perfect for … Read more