Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20v Cordless Drill Review


When purchasing a cordless drill, some features need to be kept in mind to make the best selection. These products perform the job of a screwdriver. However, the significant difference is the rate at which they accomplish this task. Similar to the traditional method, cordless drills offer faster results. They are lightweight, provide a firmer grip, and are battery-operated. What makes them so effective is the time and money that consumers save in the long run.

There is a reason that these types of models have become a favorite among customers. To begin with, because they are battery-operated, users do not have to worry about tripping over the cord or having it get in the way. Among the cordless drills on the market, a highly rated product is the Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20 Volt ½ inch. With over 600 customer reviews and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, this entry-level model has risen above the competition.

This Porter-Cable Pcck600lb Cordless Drill Review will walk you through the features, product specifications, and overall analysis of this model. It has a lot to offer homeowners as well as contractors. Previous customers have great things to say about this product, and we are sure future customers will as well.

Keep reading to find out why this machine has been a popular choice and a top seller in the market! We’ll bring you all the specs and features to help you decide.

Porter Cable Pcck600lb Features

Part of what distinguishes cordless drills from one another are the features that they offer. While they are all normally lightweight, battery-operated, and easy to use, there are areas in which some cordless drills surpass others. The Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20 Volt ½ inch model brings some product features mentioned below:

  • Convenience – The Porter-Cable Pcck600lb 20 Volt drill is lightweight and able to navigate through small, tight spaces. Unlike other models, it includes a LED work light that provides light in dark work areas. Being that it is battery-operated, users do not have to worry about the cord getting in the way.
  • Weight – The Porter Cable drill is very lightweight, minimizing user fatigue. It is 7-3/4 inches in length and 3.5 pounds in weight. The battery usually makes these types of products heavier, but this product is light enough for anyone to use.
  • Speed – Consumers save time with the quickness that this machine provides. Replacing the traditional screwdriver, this model provides a faster, more accurate method of completing projects. It includes a 2-speed gearbox that helps in the completion of small and large applications.
  • Battery – This cordless drill consists of two batteries that charge fully within an hour. In order for the model to work, it requires 1 lithium-ion battery which is included with the purchase of the product.
  • Price – This machine can be purchased for under $150. This is truly a remarkable price considering everything that it has to offer. The Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20-volt model gives users the most from their money.



Product Specifications


Upon the purchase of the Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20 Volt drill, customers will receive a kit that includes the product, a user manual, two batteries, one charger, and one double-ended bit tip. The specifications that it has makes it such a great selection for consumers. Below are its most popular specs:

  • Brand – Porter Cable has more than 100 years of experience creating quality tools. They are a leading manufacturer of power tools and accessories. This company introduced the first portable band saw, portable belt sander, and the first helical drive circular saw. Porter Cable is a reputable and trustworthy company.
  • Size and Weight – Another user favorite in the small size and light weight of this machine. The dimensions of the Porter Cable Pcck600lb drill is 12.8 x 4.2 x 11.2 inches. It weighed 3.5 pounds and was designed for maximum comfort. This product is lightweight, sturdy, and compact.
  • Color – The design of this cordless drill offers a modern, professional look. The model itself is a blend of red and gray.

What Can the Porter-Cable Pcck600lb 20v be Used For?

Cordless drills are used for a variety of reasons. Usually, entry-level products such as the Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20 Volt ½ inch cordless product, are best for do-it-yourself home projects. It can also tackle more advanced projects such as basic construction tasks.

This product does a good job of fastening and loosening applications, metal, and wood drilling. Other projects that it can easily handle include cabinetry, framing out rooms, or fastening hinges on doors. This model is all-around useful around the house. The light weight of this product speeds up the process of projects.

Is Porter Cable Pcck600lb any good?


A cordless drill is a great purchase for consumers who need a faster way of completing projects. The Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20-volt surpasses other brand competition with its number of features. The price is high especially since it includes the case, an extra battery, and a high-speed charger. Not only is this model at a high price, but it has excellent torque. The 20-volt lithium battery really can’t be beat offering a longer lifespan than other cordless drills. Not to mention the cool design that it brings.

Consequently, this product is coming from a trustworthy, reputable brand. The Porter Cable company brings many years of experience with them and are confident in their Pcck600lb. This company is a leading manufacturer of power tools and accessories. Customers are in good hands with the Porter Cable Pcck600lb 20-volt model.

Overall, this is a great selection for individuals who are looking for a durable, lightweight, and compact product. The purchase of this model will save consumers time and money in the long run. The Porter Cable Pcck600lb delivers high performance and is among the best on the market. Previous buyers are satisfied with this purchase and confident that the Porter Cable brand will be around for many more years to come.


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