Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Cordless Drill Review



From palm trees swaying in the wind to maple leaves sweeping the ground, we trade in our afternoon BBQs for Sunday football. It is also the perfect time to cross off home improvement projects that often get neglected. For many, choosing the best power tool can be as overwhelming as selecting a league in fantasy football.

In fantasy football, you consider a player’s stats, yardage, and other components that will make your season successful. When it comes to choosing a power tool, consumers should be aware of the tool’s features, specifications, and what sets it apart from others.

A toolbox is like a fantasy league team; you have your defense and offense that work together. How well they work together will determine if you have a successful season or not. And every team has their secret weapon that sets them apart. In a toolbox, you have your basic tools such as a hammer, an adjustable wrench, and of course screws. Then there are those who have the power tools that set their projects aside from others. With that being said, a machine should be found in every toolbox!

A hammer drill is a mesh between defense and offense working together. It uses the rotation of a product in combination with a hammering action to deliver the best results. No toolbox would be complete without this tool! Below, consumers will find a Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR hammer cordless drill review to determine if this is the best tool for them. This extensive review covers the features and specifications of the product before determining the final verdict.

Porter-Cable Hammer Drill Features

  • 7.0 Amp motor delivers the durability and power to tackle the most demanding drilling uses
  • Hammer drill and drill modes provide versatility when it comes to drilling into wood, concrete, metal, block, brick, and other materials
  • Dual Speed transmission provides maximum torque in setting one and maximum speed in setting two
  • Two-finger locking trigger allows for ease of use while working for prolonged periods
  • The side handle provides enhanced control during bind-up and heavy application situations
  • 1/2” Metal chuck and key provide holding pressure for increased bit retention
  • Streamlined over-mold body and handle for increased comfort and user fatigue



Product Specifications


  • Amps: 7.0
  • Beats/ Min: 52,700 bpm
  • Capacity in Concrete: 1/2 “
  • Capacity in Steel: 1/2 “
  • Capacity in Wood: 1-1/4 “
  • Variable-Speed Trigger: Yes
  • Weight: 6.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 3.3 x 11 inches
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Size: 1/2″
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Switch Style: Trigger

What Can the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Be Used For?

There is a huge misconception when it comes to hammer drills. Many people confuse them with an impact driver which is an entirely different tool. A hammer drill is used to drill holes in masonry materials such as concrete and steel. Whereas an impact driver is used to drive screws, lags, and nuts. With that being clarified, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR can be utilized for multiple commercial and private projects on any skill level.

First impressions can make or break any institution from colleges and universities, government facilities, or commercial buildings. For those professionals who are looking to elevate their business projects, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR is the tool to use to deliver the best results.

Traditional college and university architecture tends to be a blend of conventional and modern with bricks running from top to bottom and intersected steel archways. A traditional drill or any other tool would not be able to go through the brick or steel. However, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR will be able to make holes through the brick with ease to install the archways, railings, and much more.

The Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR is an ideal tool for those looking to renovate their home or landscape themselves. It can be difficult to execute certain DIYs due to the lack of tools or materials. Many would like to add stone to the front of their house for curb appeal or even add a variety of stone structures in the backyard from bars with marble countertops or stone fountains rising from the pool.

Instead of settling on faux materials or trying to mimic the project with what they have, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR allows individuals to execute these DIY projects by drilling into materials that other tools cannot.

Should you buy the Porter-Cable VSR?


The Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Hammer drill and different modes provide versatility for drilling into masonry materials at 7.0 amp using a dual-speed transmission. It is on the heavier side weighing a little over 6 pounds. However, the streamlined design over the body and handle and the two-finger locking trigger provide ease when being used for an extended period. Also, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR has a side handle that provides more control for heavier applications such as drilling in concrete or brick.

Unlike its leading competitors on the market, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR has a screwdriver function that allows you to use it as a screwdriver with a reversible option.

It is often said with great power, comes great responsibility Caution is advised as many have commented on the power of the tool. Without control, the mechanism could cause more damage than intended on the surface it is penetrating. As for those looking to maximize the machine’s performance, it is best used for short-duration jobs due to the torque. However, for certain jobs that are time intensive, this tool has been known to burn out during the task.


Porter-Cable PC70THD worth it?

Overall, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR hammer drill is a great tool and should be found in everyone’s toolbox no matter their skill level due to its versatility. It can be a hit or miss with anything. Those looking to purchase the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR should buy the tool with a great warranty if it does not live up to one’s expectations. The tool can be found on Amazon for about $70 with a three-year warranty. It does not come in a case. However, it does come in a heavy-duty box which can be used for storage to the consumer’s discretion.


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