Milwaukee Drill Driver Combo Kit Review: Cordless Tool


There are certain tools that are a must-have in any toolkit. These often go beyond the basics of a hammer or screwdriver and provide additional power to everything that you could need. The Milwaukee 2796-22 Fuel 18 V Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo provides those tools in abundance. In fact, it is perhaps the ultimate choice when it comes to having exactly what you would need in almost any type of circumstance.

Of course, the market is full of different types of impact drivers, hammer drills, and drill sets. So, what is it that makes this Milwaukee impact driver set worth considering? One of the reasons is that it comes from a company that has earned its reputation as being in the forefront of quality equipment.

In addition, it is an all-around Milwaukee drill driver combo that can provide exactly what you need, regardless of whether you are prepared to do some masonry work or if you just need to put a few screws in the wall. This particular model also has the power necessary to work day in and day out, so it is an excellent choice for the homeowner and quite sufficient for work on the job site as well.

In addition to providing an all-around option for anyone who needs such a combination drill kit, it also continues to build on the success of previous models. In fact, the Milwaukee 2796-22 Fuel ONE-KEY has made some significant improvements over the previous model. Including a slimmer, more comfortable, and more powerful design. In order to further convince you that this is the best tool for the job, it’s a good idea to look at some of the specifics that it has to offer.

Milwaukee Drill Driver Combo Overview

This Milwaukee 2796-22 drill and impact set comes fully equipped and ready to get the job done. One thing that you can expect when you get it is that it is not simply another package with an impact driver and hammer drill included. This is a full-fledged, high-quality, and heavy-duty workhorse combination that will provide everything you need to work around the home or to get things done on the job.

As far as power is concerned, you are not going to find a cordless hammer drill that has more torque than the one included in this kit. The impact driver also has a significant amount of torque as well. Even though the tool itself is not much heavier than the battery that powers it. From the time you first hold these tools in your hand, you will be able to recognize quality and that they are built to last.

Taking a look at some of the specifics will show you just how much this toolset is able to do.



  • Multiple settings and speeds to provide precision control
  • Powerful battery with a long life
  • ​Easy customization for multiple uses
  • ​Quality parts and exceptionally well made
  • ​High-speed torque for extra power
  • ​Comfortable for all-day use
  • User-friendly (no fluff, just an awesome tool)


  • Custom chuck key size
  • No rapid charging

Although we are certain you’re going to love this tool, there was one thing that we would have appreciated with this Milwaukee drill driver combo kit. It has a custom chuck key size which can make it difficult to swap out the chuck. That being said, the key also works in both the impact driver and the hammer drill so it is interchangeable.

What is special about milwaukee fuel?

This is where you get to learn some of the nitty-gritty about the Milwaukee impact driver and hammer drill combo set. If you needed any more convincing that this is the ultimate option for your tool collection, these details are sure to provide it.

Build Quality

Compared to the last model, the build has gotten sleeker and there is even more power available. These tools may be in somewhat of a compact form but the power they provide is certainly anything but small. On the inside, you will find a significant improvement in the electronics, and the components are in place to handle a lot of additional power. They are also light enough to be held all day long for those who are using them on the job.

Hammer Drill

You are going to appreciate the fact that they built the hammer drill into the driver, making it possible to take care of those masonry jobs when they happen to come up. It has a maximum torque of 1200 inch pounds, and you will not find that much power in any other cordless drill in this category.

In other words, they didn’t just put the hammer drill in to make it a unique selling point, it is there to be used. The hammer drill weighs in at 3.5 pounds, so you’re getting an incredible amount of power in a very convenient and easy-to-handle package.

Impact Driver

There are an impressive 4 settings available on the impact driver, making it very convenient for using a wide variety of circumstances. It can provide the control necessary to start a screw properly or you can use it all day long, driving in one screw after another.

The three-speed motor is certainly sufficient to take on the task, regardless of whether you are using it for DIY or if you use it on the job. The weight of the impact driver is 2.1 pounds, so it is going to be comfortable for all-day use.

Batteries and Charger

The Milwaukee drill and impact set comes fully loaded, and ready to use with two 5.0 Redlithium batteries. This is going to provide you with plenty of run time to make it through even a difficult day.

It also comes packaged with a charger that is able to charge both the 12v and M18 Milwaukee batteries. So, it really cuts down on the amount of equipment that you need with you at any given time. The batteries are also from Milwaukee. They are not batteries from an outside resource. So, you will get all of the quality and reliability that Milwaukee products have to offer.


Both the impact driver and hammer drill available in the Milwaukee combo kit are fully backed by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty. Simply fill out the warranty card when you get the product and send it in. If you have any problems with the tools included in the kit, it will be covered.

What’s In The Box?

There is a lot more packaged in the box with the two drills. In fact, there are a number of different options. And they are enough to help you get started and complete the job at hand. Shipping weight is just under 18 pounds and the product dimensions are 20 x 6 x 16″

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • (1) M18 Fuel 1/2 In Hammer Drill, 18V (includes one key)
  • (1) M18 Fuel 1/4 In Hex Impact Driver, 18v (includes one key)
  • ​(1) Multiple Voltage Charger for both M12 and M18 Batteries
  • ​(2) M18 18v Extended Capacity Drivers (Redlithium XC)
  • ​(2) Bit Holders
  • (2) Belt Clips
  • ​(1) Carrying Case
  • (1) Side Handle
  • (1) Owner’s Manual

Main Benefits And Advantages 

There are a number of significant advantages and benefits to be found in the Milwaukee drill and impact set. In fact, you will find that you are using it on a daily basis. And even if you buy it for use at work, you are still going to use it at home for even small jobs. Here are some of the benefits and advantages that you will experience when using these tools.


Perhaps one of the more impressive benefits of the Milwaukee cordless drill set is the fact that it can go with you. Regardless of where you happen to go. The handheld hammer drill and impact driver are small enough to fit in most locations. But the hard carrying case makes it convenient to transport them to the job or to your next DIY project.


There is nothing like having a quality tool at your disposal. Milwaukee is well known for providing some of the highest quality tools for use on the job site and for home projects. The quality of the Milwaukee 2796-22 Fuel will be felt from the moment take it out of the box. Many people have been using these tools every day, all day. And the more they use them, the more they love the fact that they just continue to run.


Like most people, you probably don’t want to be locked into a tool that is only going to be used for a single purpose. The Milwaukee combo kit offers versatility that is beyond what most people will ever use. You can take them on the job one day to do some masonry work. The next day, you can use them at home to hang pictures. It really is an all-around tool that provides everything you could need.

Milwaukee 2796-22 M18 fuel suitable uses

You just heard a little bit about the versatility of the drill driver combo Milwaukee 2796-22 Fuel. But now it is time to take things just a little further. When you stop to think about some of the specific uses of this impact driver and hammer drill combination, it will really introduce you to the reasons why it is the best option you could choose for your own tool collection. Here are some of the different professions and uses for the tool.

Home Use (DIY)

If you are a weekend warrior around the home, your life is about to get a lot easier. These tools will be your constant companion, regardless of the job that you are doing.


When it comes to using a combination set for a wide variety of purposes, electricians are typically at the top of the list. They may be going through masonry at one moment and the next, running a series of smaller screws. Electricians will find this combination kit to be the most valuable tool they have in their possession.

HVAC Repair

This is another profession that will find themselves using these tools for a wide variety of jobs. The control available through the tools allows you to get a self-trapping screw started without bending, twisting, or slipping. At the same time, you can punch through some serious material when the job calls for it.


Your toolset will not be complete without this drill and impact combination. You will find that you are using it on a daily basis and sometimes, the ability to do the job is going to depend on it.


Although this Milwaukee drill driver combo kit may be used for a wide variety of professions, a handyman often lives and dies by these tools that are never very far from them. If you are a handyman, and most of us fit into that category in some way or another, you will find that these tools are impossible to live without.

Is Milwaukee 2796-22 worth the money?

You might feel as if we had a lot of good to say about this hammer and impact drill set. And there is a reason why that is the case; they are an excellent choice. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the quality and the comfort of using these tools on a daily basis. You will find that switching from one tool to another is quite easy, thanks to the standard chuck and the quality is everything that you could possibly expect from a Milwaukee drill driver combo.

In fact, it is the power that you will probably appreciate more than anything else when it comes to these tools. They were built to satisfy, and thanks to the RedLithium batteries that are included, you will be able to use that power all day long every day. In fact, the only problem that you are probably going to have with this Milwaukee 2796-22set is that other people are going to want to borrow it, once they know you have it.

The bottom line is, that you are going to love using these tools and you will find them to be an invaluable addition to your tool collection.




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