Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Whether you’re a professional tradesman or weekend DIY warrior, there is one tool you cannot leave behind, a powerful drill and driver combo. Yes, you can get kits that have these as two separate tools.

But how many times have you been mainly drilling holes and want to switch to a driver bit to fix a screw quickly? With a combo tool, that is so much easier to achieve. But finding a high-performance hammer drill with decent torque for heavy-duty driving is more complicated than you might think.

But that’s a market gap that Milwaukee has filled with an exceptionally well-built tool. The M18 is one of those tools that, once you have used it once, you’ll be wondering how you’ve coped without it.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 cordless hammer drill packs some outstanding features right at home on a busy job site or in your DIY kit. On this page, you’ll find out precisely what makes it great and how you will benefit in many different ways from this great investment.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 Overview

When it comes to power tools, Milwaukee is one of those names you will see everywhere. You won’t find a construction site in America that doesn’t have some tradespeople using their equipment. It is due to a reputation that has been built up over many decades. And the result is a quality craft and very reasonable prices.

The same applies to this Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 hammer drill driver combo. The built-in brushless motor is designed to last a very long time, even when used daily, every day. The great thing about these motors is that they generate less heat and use far less power. So, you also end up changing batteries a lot less frequently.

You’ll find some pretty impressive numbers from a power output point of view. The hammer drill will spin up to 2,000 RPM, which makes minor changes to even the most challenging jobs. You won’t believe how fast you can get your work done.

And in the driver setting, it will give you 1,200 pounds of torque which is more than enough for most uses. Anything more than this, and you’re heading for industrial-grade equipment and prices.

In order to prevent overloading of the clutch and motor, an intelligent monitoring system is in place. It will automatically reduce output if the pressure temperature rises too much or too suddenly. It helps reduce breakdowns and will last an awful lot longer.

What’s impressive is that the company has managed to pack this power into a very small and compact device. The result is lightweight, and you won’t feel fatigued in your hands and arms when using it for a long time.

There are just a few minor complaints that you might find. First, the chuck could be a bit more robust, as the bits can come loose under intense pressure after a while. Also, excessive vibrations in hammer drill mode can cause the side handle to move slightly, so make sure you regularly adjust and tighten it.

If you plan to use it a lot for driving screws and bolts, then be aware that there are no gears, so you cannot switch between different speed settings. Not the end of the world, but not ideal for high-precision work.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18



  • A Brushless motor lasts longer and uses less power
  • 1,200 pounds of torque for tough driving requirements
  • ​Up to 2,000 RPM for more efficient drilling
  • ​An intelligent monitoring system reduces the risk of overload making it last much longer
  • Light and compact design reduces fatigue for long days of work
  • Belt clip and bit holder included


  • Chuck could be a bit more robust
  • The side handle can come a bit loose with intensive use
  • No adjustable gear speed for use with driver setting

Detailed Analysis

As you can see above, some excellent features built-in will help you get through your work faster and more effectively. However, there are a few items that we want to highlight a bit more so that you can get a better picture of why this is such a good tool.


As already mentioned, this tool houses a brushless motor which is a huge advantage. These motors are more complex and have much more monitoring and timing equipment than the standard brushed type. We won’t go into too much detail, but these types have far better timing mechanisms that reduce energy use and friction.

As a result, you will change batteries up to 30% less often, and the motor is less likely to break down from overheating and overload. If you’re using the tool regularly, brushless is the only rational decision.

Clutch And Gears

With the amount of torque generated, it is no surprise that the clutch is of excellent quality. There is very little give in the head when the motor is not turning, indicating a tight grip in place. Furthermore, this reduces the clutch’s impact when the motor engages, especially in driver mode.

As for gears, well, basically, there aren’t any. It is a bit of a letdown, but a combo tool like this will not be the best choice if you do not have precision speed settings for driving. Gears work to limit the effect of the trigger on the speed. You might only spin up to 500 RPM in lower gears, while higher speeds spin up much faster.


First, we must mention that this particular model is a tool-only package. That means you don’t get any extras like a battery and charger. It keeps the price down, but if you don’t have other M18 compatible Milwaukee tools, you’ll also need to invest in batteries and chargers.

The great thing is that the batteries from other M18 tools are interchangeable. So you won’t need to have multiple sets of batteries to keep charged and constantly figure out which one belongs where. However, we highly suggest you always have 2 batteries if you’re planning to use it for hours at a time; this is the only way to reduce downtime.

Main Benefits And Advantages

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18
In this section, we want to highlight what our research has revealed to be the main benefits. Talking about the different tech specs is informative, but let’s face it, you’re only interested in how it will make your life easier.

Battery Life

This is one aspect where pretty much all Milwaukee tools shine. The Lithium-Ion batteries they produce are of excellent quality. But your main concern will be how long they last. It is mainly dictated by how the tool draws down the energy.

In this case, combining the brushless motor and system monitoring for overload minimizes how much energy is drawn constantly. As a result, compared to cheaper and less technically advanced devices, you will quickly see a 30 to 40% longer usage time per battery. And that means less downtime and more effective work.

Powerful Speeds

When you’re facing big projects at home or on a job site, you want to ensure you get through them with precision and speed. Unfortunately, there are only two ways you can speed up the process when it comes to drilling.

First, you must have high-quality drill bits that stay sharp and don’t wear too quickly; this is a must-have, as your drill will be ineffective with cheap bits. Secondly, you need high RPM. The faster the drill can spin, the quicker you’ll get through the work. And this can have a significant impact on your productivity and profitability.

The good news is that you can boost that productivity with the 2,000 RPM that comes with this excellent hammer drill.

Powerful Torque

Unlike drilling, when you need to drive screws or bolts, you’re not so focused on RPM. Here it is much more important to focus on the torque that can generate. It is essentially the twisting power that can be created. And for driving screws and bolts into heavy-duty materials, like hardwoods and steel, you need a lot of power.

You cannot afford to stop using a manual wrench each time because your tool is not up to the task. However, for most situations, the 1,200 pounds of torque on this Milwaukee 2704-20 will be more than enough.

Milwaukee 2704-20 Suitable Uses

The great thing about the Milwaukee 2704-20 powerful tool is that it’s suitable for everything from home DIY to professional construction and repairs. This section will highlight some professions that will find this particularly suitable.


The appeal is likely the powerful torque in driver mode for professional plumbers. Whether it’s residential or commercial plumbing you are fitting or fixing, you will want a tool that will tighten even heavy bolts and very long screws. And the fact that the battery will last longer than most other options means you have a lot less downtime.


For electricians, it will be a mix of the drill and driver functionality that is appealing. But if you have smaller screws and devices to work on, the lack of gears may be a problem. It certainly would be a problem if you need to get into a slower mode to avoid overtightening smaller screws.


The big appeal is going to be the high-speed drill. At 2000 RPM, you’ll be able to get through even the most prominent commercial jobs. If you regularly face an entire day of drilling and fitting timber beams and trusses, then you want to know that you can do so quickly and reliably. Make sure you also invest in good setup bits, as you can quickly get slowed down if drill bits start getting blunt.

HVAC Maintenance

For HVAC repairs, you probably won’t find a better combo tool. Because you get so much torque, you won’t struggle to work heavy bolts and screws or get old rusted ones out easily. And because you’ll regularly work in tight spaces, the small and compact size will be ideal. In addition, the ability to drill into heavy masonry and concrete at high speed will make more challenging jobs much easier for you.

Gain Some Additional Convenience

We already mentioned that the Milwaukee 2704-20 is the tool-only option, which is great if you already have M18 batteries and chargers in your tool bag. But if this is going to be your first Milwaukee tool, then there are a few things you’ll need to invest in.

First of all, you should always have two batteries to be able to switch out and not end up idle. The M18 batteries charge fast, but it still takes long enough to slow you down significantly. You should also get one of the fast charger units, as it will ensure you have enough power.

Finally, don’t spend big on a drill only to scrimp on the drill bits. A drill will only work well if you have drill bits that are advanced enough to stay sharp for a long time and not break under the slightest bit of pressure.

Should you buy Milwaukee 2704-20?

At this stage, you’ll have all the product details to decide whether the Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 is a suitable option for your job. It’s a high-performing professional-grade tool that will meet the demands of a busy job and construction site. The high price is justified when considering how much longer it will run on each charge. Just click on the price check buttons above to get the latest deals at Amazon.

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