Makita XDT131 LXT Impact Cordless Drill Review


Makita is a company that has been one of the lead innovators in electric tools since the early 1900s. First opening their doors as an electric motor repair and sales shop in 1915, this company has grown with the times and produced some of the world’s best products that are used by professionals who look for durability and high performance when it comes, to their power tools.

This article is made to serve as the Makita XDT131 LXT impact cordless drill review. This product is made to hold up to the Makita legacy and demonstrate the power and durability of their products.

Makita XDT131Product Features

  • High Speed: This drill utilizes its 4-pole brushless motor to deliver a speed that varies in range from 0-3,600 RPM making this a great product for quick and powerful results.
  • Compact Design: the compact design allows for a light and portable machine that is easy on the wrist and creates an ideal tool for long hours of drilling. And though it is compact it still delivers a full range of driving and working.
  • Light Weight: This product weighs in at 3.3 pounds including the battery pack which makes this a portable option and supremely light on the wrists.
  • Cordless: This feature makes for unrestricted drilling and driving experience and when combined with its compact size and light weight creates a powerhouse model that will travel wherever you can take it.
  • Built-in dual LED light: This feature is unique, but very handy and allows the machine users to see exactly where they’re drilling and is especially useful in tight spaces and dark corners.
  • Soft Grip: This model also utilizes a soft rubber grip that makes drilling a lot more comfortable and reduces arm fatigue from digging over extended periods of time.
  • Impact design: The Makita XDT131 LXT is an impact cordless drill, which aims to replicate the incidence of a hammer hitting an anvil. Which explains why such a small model can pack such a big punch. This mechanism was designed using steel of the highest quality and the best raw material to create the driving power and high fastening speeds that people who use this machine have noticed.



Makita XDT131 LXT Specifications


  • Lithium-ion Battery: This type of battery is one of the best for recharging and is commonly employed in phones. It charges extremely fast and has a long battery life that ensures that the product won’t give out until the work day is done.
  • 3.3 Pounds: It is extremely light, making it easier to carry and hold over long periods of time. However, even though it is light, that doesn’t take away from its operating power. However, even though it is light, that doesn’t take away from its operating power or diminish its capabilities as a drill and driver.
  • Delivers 1,500-inch pounds of Max Torque: Though the Makita XDT131 is compact it maximizes its torque power and can drive screws into some of the toughest wood materials at a quick and easy pace.
  • 4-Pole motor: This is the brushless motor system that gives the XDT131 a competitive advantage over other brands of the same size.
  • Variable Speeds: The engine used in this model can help drive up the rate from 0-3,400 RPM and 0-3.600 IPM.

Makita xdt131 should you buy it?


Makita XDT131 brushless cordless impact driver kit is one of the best products on the market. For several reasons. It works great and performs better than most models in its price range. People who have purchased the product before rave about its performance and some have even purchased it a second time based on the performance of their first drill.

The battery life on it is fantastic and people who use the product boast that it lasts throughout the entire work day. Plus, they comment on how fast the battery charges, which is due to the Lithium-ion battery that this drill sports. That way people can spend more time working rather than charging their tools.

Plus, the size and compact nature of the product make it the perfect size to tote around all day, ideal for professionals who have to be on-site all day. This model keeps up with its pace and is powerful for its compact and lightweight size. Also, small features like the LED dual light built into the drill and the rubber handle grip make it convenient and comfortable to hold.

The only downside to this product is the price. If you were looking to spend under $100 for a machine, then this isn’t the model and kit for you. The product and equipment can run anywhere from $100 to $170, which is steep compared to other cordless drills. However, though it is on the pricey side people who have purchased it claims otherwise.

For what you get out of this Makita XDT131 18V LXT drill, buyers believe the price was either well-worth it or ridiculously cheap. With such a well-designed piece of equipment, shoppers were probably willing to pay more for this model. Contractors who have used this product claim that it has become a major part of their arsenal and that they use it every day for work.

So, even though this product is one of the best brushless cordless drills on the market, shoppers who want to spend less on the product may opt for a different machine especially if they feel that they won’t use the product for any heavy-duty construction work. For instance, if they plan on only utilizing a power model for furniture assembly, light DIY tasks, and decorating. In that case, a different, less expensive machine is the way to go. Not to say that the Makita XDT131 couldn’t handle those jobs too.

However, it was designed to tackle a broad range of driving and drilling tasks for extended periods of time. This drill was made for the field and was meant to be handled by professionals. So, if you don’t believe you’ll be using the model for that purpose then you could save some money and opt for the less powerful option. Otherwise, this is going to be a product you will love and use every day.


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