Ingersoll Rand D5140 Cordless Drill Driver Reviews


Regardless of whether you’re in a profession, or simply enjoy taking on complex DIY projects, you all know how invaluable a good set of tools can be. An effective drill that comes free from cords can be the perfect addition.

In fact, without a powerful drill, you probably wouldn’t get a lot done! It’s an essential part of any tradesman or DIY enthusiast’s toolkit. But with all the available deals out there you can quickly get blinded by fancy marketing only to spend a fortune on something that won’t do what you need.

The other issue is that many of the cordless tools available simply aren’t powerful enough. You might think you’re getting a great deal, but you’re actually not.

If these issues sound familiar, you’ll be glad to know that Ingersoll Rand D5140 V20 drill is here to make your life easier. You can experience powerful drilling as well as outstanding torque to ensure that all your heavy-duty jobs can be completed efficiently.

You may be surprised by the list of beneficial features this tool has to offer. Customers who have used it swear by it and don’t look back. Find out why for yourself and what you can expect with our detailed review and tips for best use.

Ingersoll Rand D5140 Quick Overview

Ingersoll has spent years making a reputable name for itself in the power tool industry. You can tell how happy customers are by taking a quick skim through their Amazon reviews.

We appreciate how this company put a lot of thought into constructing their power tools. They make them be as useful for you as possible, all while maintaining prices that are affordable. It’s best to think of the Ingersoll Rand D5140 as an investment.

We say this because the amazing features it has on offer can make your jobs go smoother and quicker than ever.

The high-quality carbon brushed motor is extremely powerful. It gives you a lot of usage per battery charge, meaning you can use it all day long. This motor drains less total energy so that you don’t have to waste time on changing batteries.

Don’t let the battery-powered system fool you into thinking that it’s weak. It provides you with an incredible RPM of 1900. This makes even the biggest jobs easier than you could’ve imagined.

Not to mention, you also get 700 lbs in total torque. This is plenty to help you complete most jobs you’ll encounter. Drills that hit the 1300+ lbs of torque begin getting into a much higher price range. Considering how affordable the D5140 is, the amount of torque you get is fantastic.

Despite all the excellent benefits, there are a few small downsides. One of which involves the chuck. Since it’s a keyless chuck, it may not hold on as tightly as you may like while working.

Unlike some similar cordless drills, this one doesn’t come with a hammer feature built in. But if you need to use it purely for drilling purposes, this won’t be a big issue.

Lastly, it’s slightly heavier than other cordless drills. However, this is due to the high-grade and robust materials used.





  • RPM of 1900 for faster drilling
  • 700 lbs of torque to deal with most driving needs
  • ​Powerful carbon brushed motor for efficient energy and longer usage
  • ​Overheating is prevented for a reliable, long-lasting tool
  • Excellent quality gears and clutch for precise control on all jobs


  • No hammer feature for powerful results
  • Keyless chuck may feel looser than expected
  • A little on the heavy side for some


Detailed Analysis

So, there are some fantastic features that make this drill a good option for completing work more efficiently than ever. However, we want to give you some more details on exactly why this powerful tool could be perfect for you. Take a look below for a more detailed analysis of the top features.


The Ingersoll Rand D5140 cordless drill driver is built with an excellent carbon brushed motor. It’s extremely powerful and gives you the chance to use it for a long time before having to change the batteries.

In fact, you could go weeks without having to switch to new batteries if you’re just using them for small DIY jobs.

The carbon brushed motor is a huge advantage. It makes the timing system more efficient, which is what lets you use the drill for longer before the batteries need changing.

Furthermore, any risks of overheating are a thing of the past. This drill prevents that issue with a smart monitoring system, which makes it a great tool for consistent and reliable use.

Clutch and Gears

The fact that this drill delivers 700 in-lb of torque instantly lets you know it has been constructed with a high-standard clutch and gears.

You’ll notice the clutch becomes especially useful in situations where you’re drilling at high speeds. You could choose to either knock it into a lower gear or engage the clutch feature for more precise projects.

As a result, the D5140 model is a superb choice if you need a drill that provides you with high precision and easy-to-adjust speeds. The gears are effective at keeping the impact of the trigger speed limited to give you ultimate control.


The Ingersoll Rand D5140 comes in a package, which includes a two-piece battery kit and charger.

The batteries are 20V li-ion 3.0 Ah and come with an IQV charger. While the charger itself is fairly large, it works effectively to reach a fully-charged state within an hour. So unless you drain batteries on a regular occasion in less than 60 minutes, the two batteries will be plenty.

You should also know there are three different buying options available that will alter how many batteries you receive. The standard bare tool option is the cheapest since it just includes the drill and nothing else. There’s a kit with a single battery and charger, and finally a choice of two batteries and a charger case.

They get more expensive the more items they include.

Main Benefits and Advantages


We want to encapsulate what the main benefits of this cordless drill driver are in this section. You are now up to date on the features. But how does the Ingersoll Rand D5140 impact driver work to provide you with a highly beneficial tool for finishing your jobs?

Let’s find out.

Battery Life

Ingersoll Rand has really come into their own to prove their drills are built to last. The Li-ion batteries used are awesome. But you may be wondering about the lifespan they provide, right?

The battery life consumption comes down to how efficient the drill is at minimizing the amount of energy drawn. The carbon motor inside this tool prevents overloading and overheating. This means the energy consumed is always low.

Cheaper drills often involve a lot of downtimes where you’re standing around at times throughout the day waiting for it to charge. The D5140 tool lets you use it for longer and get more done.

Powerful Speeds

One thing that usually puts people off using battery-powered cordless drills are the poor precision features. Many drills that use batteries end up having low RPM speeds. We were happy to find that this tool has an incredible RPM of 1900. What’s the benefit of this?

This essentially means that your drill will be spinning at a very fast rate. It gives you the ability to complete work quickly and increases your productivity on jobs.

This is particularly great for those of you who have larger projects lined up. You need this high RPM to speed up the process and drill through materials faster. It’s surprising how such a high RPM speed has been built into this battery-powered tool!

Powerful Torque

When it comes to driving things like screws or bolts, the RPM doesn’t really come into play. Instead, however, the amount of torque that your tool creates comes to the forefront. Torque can be described as a feature that works with twisting motions. It’s needed for driving bolts and screws with tougher materials, such as steel.

Many people struggle with this and end up stopping and using some kind of wench to manually get the job done. If you’re looking to make your life easier, however, a drill with lots of torque would be a far better choice.

This tool has 700 lbs of torque. This makes it suitable for driving screws and bolts through most sturdy materials. It can save you a lot of time and effort!

Ingersoll rand D5140 suitable uses


One of the main advantages of this power drill that stood out to us is that it can be used for a huge range of tasks. It’s perfect for both professional jobs, and DIY ones around the house. We’re about to take a look at the variety of professions that could benefit greatly from using the D5140 tool below.


Plumbers who work professionally will love the powerful torque features. Their daily jobs usually involve dealing with long screws and heavy bolts. With 700 lbs of torque available, this drill would be a fantastic tool to make the jobs run smoother – In both commercial and residential plumbing.


Electricians often encounter smaller devices and screws throughout their day. Therefore, they need precision. The Ingersoll Rand cordless drill driver would be an excellent fit for electricians.

The option to choose between gears enables you to switch to a slower speed mode. This is very useful for smaller parts where screws can easily become accidentally overtightened.


Carpenters are often faced with daily jobs that involve fitting and drilling things like trusses and timber beams. They can be fairly hefty and once you lay them down, you want to make sure you’ve done a good job.

The high RPM speed of 1900 is enough to complete anything from large commercial work to smaller DIY tasks. This drill helps to get the job completed effectively, and fast.

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC repairs involve a lot of heavy screws and bolts or taking rusted ones out and putting new ones in. The D5140 has an incredible amount of torque, at 700 lbs. So, dealing with these heavy and rusted screws is effortless.

Furthermore, the high RPM speed available lets you drill into thick, heavy materials a lot easier than you may be expecting.

This combination of powerful torque and high RPM speeds will help people working on HVAC repairs fly through their jobs, easier than ever.

Get Some Convenient Addons

Since there are three different purchase options with this powerful tool, it may cause some confusion among buyers. To make sure you get the package that suits you best, be sure to take into account your specific needs.

The standard bare tool comes with nothing but the drill. This would be the best option if you already have Li-ion batteries and the appropriate charger. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a hard time fully charging this tool. There’s also no case provided which may make transportation more of a hassle if you’re on the go.

The other two packages come with a case, charger, and either one or two Li-ion batteries. If you know you’re going to be out working for a long day, going with the 2-battery option would be optimal.

It means that if one battery does run out, you can pull out a second one that’s already charged. This gives you the chance to charge the one that has run out. And because it charges within an hour, you shouldn’t encounter much downtime.

Having said that, it’s good to keep in mind that you’re paying extra for the added convenience of the two batteries. But if you use it regularly and for big projects, it’s worth the investment.

Is ingersoll rand 20v any good?

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the necessary details on the Ingersoll Rand D5140 V20 cordless drill driver to ensure you make the best decision possible. You can use the points that we have discussed to think about whether it really is the best cordless tool for your needs.

It’s a high-quality drill that can be used at the highest professional level. But it can also be handy for your DIY jobs too.

We love how versatile this drill is. You can feel confident in paying for a reliable and effective tool that will truly make your jobs easier than before. Just use the price check buttons above to see the latest deals at Amazon.



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