DEWALT DCK299P2 Combo Kit Review


For many DIY jobs, you really don’t need to own two separate power tools like this. You can buy single tools with attachments that will work reasonably well for most jobs. But once you go beyond the most basic DIY work you really hit the limitations. Especially on the impact riverside.

Most power drills will just not be able to deliver enough torque and RPM for constant heavy use. Most cordless drills will just stall out before you can get screws and bolts fully fastened. And in many situations, you just won’t feel confident that your job is secure and completed.

If you work professionally as a plumber, carpenter, or in HVAC repairs, then you simply cannot afford to risk such reduced performance. So for those jobs where you are going to need the ability to drill and drive reliably, you will need two separate tools.

The answer for you should then be to take a real close look at the DEWALT DCK299P2 20v option. It provides power, great battery life, and two excellent tools that will get the job done. Every time and most importantly with great reliability.

On this page, you will find all the details about this DeWalt cordless tool set. And we can even show you where you get the best deals for a great sale price.

DEWALT Combo Kit Quick Overview

The great thing about buying the DEWALT DCK299P2 20v combo kit is that you get a great price and the tools fit into one carrying case. That makes moving them around and storing them so much easier. You can also make sure that you have interchangeable batteries and one charger. Rather than trying to figure out which battery belongs to which tool, you can just grab one.

The DeWalt 20v impact driver is a powerful machine that you will absolutely love. When you have to spend a lot of time fixing screws or bolts then you want a tool that is powerful and doesn’t weigh a ton. The great thing is that because of the design and Lithium Ion battery it is quite easy to handle.

The power is great and you’ll get torque of about 1,825 lbs. For the majority of regular home and commercial jobs that will be more than enough.

The set obviously includes a hammer drill as well which will give you up to 2000 RPM. For the majority of materials that will work perfectly. In most cases, the harder the material the slower you might want to go to avoid overheating of the bits.

There are two slight downsides that are more annoying than anything else. First, there is no bit holder on either of the tools. You can get them for cheap, but for the price you pay it would be almost expected. Secondly, the slowest speed of the impact driver is a bit too slow for pretty much most uses. Not the end of the world, but you’ll probably never use it.




  • Hammer drill with 3 speeds from 0-2000 RPM to make jobs faster
  • ​High torque impact driver with up to 3250 RPM for tough jobs
  • ​Great hard case included
  • ​The lightweight design of both tools makes them easy to handle
  • Lithium Ion battery in both tools provides long-lasting power
  • Made in the USA


  • No bit holders included is a bit annoying

DEWALT DCK299P2 Features

This power tool set is packed with features that will make your hobby or job so much easier. For a product made in the USA, it’s obviously very well designed and made with very high-grade materials. But despite that, it’s actually quite reasonably priced

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the details of each of them. And you’ll also learn a bit more about the battery.

DCD996 Hammer drill

The DEWALT DCK299P2 cordless hammer drill included in this set has a max motor power giving 2000 RPM. That is not the highest on the market by far. But for the majority of commercial jobs, it will do just fine. Once you get into higher speeds you do tend to run into heat issues from the friction on the bit.

There are three-speed levels you can choose from which is very convenient for most jobs. Although the lowest speed is a bit slow.

It’s designed to be small and powerful so you can get into tight spaces. And at 4.7 lbs in weight, it will be easy to handle for long periods of time. And you won’t have to constantly change the battery either. With a high-quality Lithium Ion battery, you will make sure that you keep going for long periods of time. And the great thing is that they will charge fast. With one backup battery, you will get a ton of work done.

DCF887 Impact Driver

The DEWALT DCK299P2 20v impact driver is a beauty. This is going to turn into one of your favorite tools of all time. You get a very powerful motor with a max output of 1825 pounds of torque and 3250 RPM. You will be amazed at how fast you will get through jobs with that amount of power.

To help with those really tight spaces you will be pleased to know that it’s only about 5 1/2 inches long. And all your standard quarter-inch hex bits will fit just perfectly. There’ll be no need for any adapters.

You will also get precision drive speed settings which are very handy when you need to be a bit more careful on a project. The slowest setting is very slow though and will probably not be used that often.

At the front of the tool, you also get some LED lights. That’s great when you are stuck in tight dark places and don’t have a hand to spare for a torch.

Just wait until you get your hands on these; it’ll speed things up so much you won’t know how you worked without them.




Main Benefits And Advantages

There are some huge advantages to buying this DEWALT DCK299P2 brushless impact driver and drill set. And we’re not just talking about the price. The entire design has been updated and improved since the previous versions. If you’ve used or owned the older models then you’ll notice a big difference.

More Power

The power output has vastly improved since the previous models. For the drill, it’s basically 30% more peak power (from 650 to 850 UWO). That is significantly more peak power and you’ll notice it as soon as you start using it.

You also get to set three different power settings on both tools. That allows for precision work as well as speed for those busy construction projects.

Ergonomic Design

When you’re using a cordless hammer drill or impact driver for long periods of time, then it can become sore on your shoulder, arm, and hand. DEWALT DCK299P2 has put a lot of effort into making that strain as low as possible.

First of all, it only weighs just under 5 pounds. Even if you have to work with it for hours at t time, that is not a huge strain. It is also extremely well balanced so that you reduce pressure on your wrist joints. And finally, the grip is formed to the shape of your hand. That means you won’t have to grip it as hard.

Flexible Worklight

At the front of the tools, there are LED bulbs that you can use like a torch. There are multiple ways you can use them. Firstly, if you’re in a tight and dark place you can turn them to low intensity. That’ll help you see what you are doing right in front of the tool. But you can also stand the drill or driver down, and then switch the lights to full intensity. It will completely light up small spaces, so you can see what you’re doing.

Just be aware that full intensity will drain the battery relatively quickly. But it’s a great feature to have.

Suitable Uses

We mentioned above that you will benefit from these tools in DIY use, but if you only occasionally do a few things around the house, you can probably go for something a bit cheaper. For professionals, this set will bring a huge advantage.


Of all the professionals on this list, plumbers possibly need them least frequently. But if you do big plumbing jobs, like fitting out homes or commercial properties, then you need something powerful and reliable.

Especially when it comes to replacing old fittings with new ones. Bolts and screws can often be heavily rusted and you’ll need a lot of torques to get them moving. To avoid wasting loads of time with tools that are not fit for such jobs, just spend the extra on a quality USA-made tool set.


As an electrician, you’ll be constantly drilling and driving. No matter how big or small the job, these will be two tools you don’t want to be without. The great thing is that you have a low-speed precision setting on each tool. This will be a very valuable feature when you are working on more delicate electrical wiring work.

The battery charge will last a long time, but you might need to invest in some backups as well. With a pretty fast charge time, you can keep going for a whole day with the right equipment.


This is one profession that is probably most reliant on these tools. You probably don’t go an hour without having to screw or drill some timber for small or big projects. What you need is something powerful and reliable that will not break down after a short time on a job site.

With long-lasting batteries, you will be able to go longer between charges. Having a few of these as backup and constantly charging is a good idea. Especially for big jobs where you cannot afford to have much downtime.

HVAC Maintenance

This is another profession where you need a powerful impact driver. With the torque on this tool, you’ll be perfectly set up for the toughest residential and commercial jobs. You have to have a tool that you can trust will do the job right and not result in having to revert to manual power.

Some Handy Add Ons

When you buy the DEWALT DCK299P2 combo kit you get the tools, batteries charger, and carrying case. But you don’t get any backup batteries or bits either. Now given the price, you wouldn’t really expect those things. And you probably have your own collection of high-grade bits already at hand.

But what isn’t included in the sale price, can be easily added at checkout. The first thing you should look at getting is some additional batteries. These are not needed for small DIY uses or some hobby carpentry. But if you are going to use them professionally then you simply cannot afford downtime due to low battery power.

Also, keep in mind that the more batteries you need the more you will want to have to charge while you are working. That means you might need a few extra chargers as well to make sure you have a steady stream of power.

None of these tools are going to be any good without the right bits. You can huge selections at a cheap price. But to be honest, you’re better off investing in higher quality metals and buying less of them. They will last so much longer and get jobs done a lot faster.

Should you buy the dewalt combo kit

Buying this power tool set is pretty much a no-brainer. You get high-quality tools made in the USA. And the sale prices are exceptionally good. Yes, you’ll need to spend a bit extra for some add-ons, but with all that in your basket, you’ll still get an excellent deal.

Order your DEWALT DCK299P2 20v set today and find out why we like this so much. You definitely won’t regret your purchase.





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