Dewalt DCH273B 20V Cordless Hammer Drill Review


When buying power tools, you want to find the perfect products to suit your needs. There are various qualities to look for while searching for power drills and such. Some things to consider are power, speed, the chuck, and the clutch, and whether it has a forward/reverse switch, which allows you to remove screws as well. The ideal model will require the least maintenance possible. The Dewalt DCH273B 20V is a rotary hammer drill that delivers 2.1 Joules of impact energy which provides the power of a corded drill without the cord.

A perfect tool to fix almost any carpentry and concrete problem. In this Dewalt DCH273B hammer cordless drill review, we’ll go into detail about everything you need to know before deciding if it’s the product for you.

Product Features

The Dewalt DCH273B cordless drill has some unique features which make it valuable for a variety of scenarios.

  • The drill has a brushless motor. This allows for extended runtime and durability. Without the brushes and commutators that are in traditional products, a small circuit board coordinates the energy delivery to the windings. This allows the model to automatically adjust to the task at hand. Brushless drills are also generally more powerful since they don’t have a voltage drop or friction that results in energy loss when the brush drags across the spinning commutator.
  • The Dewalt also has a feature that controls vibrations. The active vibration control significantly reduces the vibration felt when working with the tool. An exclusive Perform and Perfect feature by Dewalt offers 20% less vibration at the handles of their drills. Prolonged exposure to intense vibrations can cause strain on the joints as well as discomfort and fatigue. Dewalt’s SHOCKS Active Vibration Control System reduces this strain, offering more comfort and reducing the wear and tear on the joints.
  • The model has a retractable hook which also serves as a useful feature. The hook makes it easy to store and hang where ever you may need it. The hook makes the product a great portable device to hang in your truck or leave in storage.
  • The 2.1 Joules it uses packs a powerful punch. The impact energy replicates that of a model that has a cord in a simple cordless drill. Joules affect the number of blows per minute (BPM). The higher the BPM is, the more the machine will chisel or drill into the material. The higher the joules, the more efficiently the product will do its job. This allows the model to work on almost any material. It even goes through concrete as smooth as a knife through butter.



Product Specifications

Dewalt DCH273B

  • The Dewalt DCH273B 20V is 13 x 4.2 x 8.6 inches and weighs 6.4 pounds. This means that this power model lives up to its purpose and is very powerful. The compact size makes it super easy to store and allows you to transport it to work sites with virtually no problems. While many of the best cordless models can be bulky due to the extra battery pack, this product is relatively small and lightweight. Plus the lack of a cord allows for more movement.
  • It’s made in the Czech Republic. Dewalt manufactures their products in many countries throughout the world including places like China, Brazil, the UK, and some parts of the United States. While some think that where the product is made affects the quality of the product, Dewalt’s products have been reported to be uniform throughout. This model from the Czech Republic has high reviews with no mention of poorly made parts.
  • The Dewalt drill is a rotary hammer meaning that it’s best used for concrete drilling. The rotary hammer is often compared with a hammer drill since they are both commonly used to get through masonry. Rotary hammers are more powerful and often have a “hammer only” function which prevents a rotating motion from happening. So rather than drilling a hole, a rotary hammer drill blasts a hole through the concrete. So whether you’re planning on doing light masonry or some heavy-duty construction, the Dewalt DCH273B 20V will be the perfect tool for the job.
  • It’s made of mixed material both metal and plastic which is common in power tools. The material is durable and dense, making it able to withstand extreme duress. The grooves and dips in the plastic handle make the product easy to hold and operate. The design of the tool and the material that it’s made from help with the reduction of vibration.
  • It’s battery-powered but doesn’t come with batteries. The Dewalt is battery-powered, requiring a 20-volt battery pack for operation. This battery pack, unfortunately, does not come included with the product (at least on Amazon) but is relatively affordable at $185 for a pack of two batteries and a charger. The model also comes with a three-year warranty in case any damage does come to the product.

What Can the Dewalt DCH273B Be Used For?

As mentioned earlier, the Dewalt DCH273B 20V is perfect for going through concrete and other tough material. So it’s best utilized in the types of jobs that involve breaking through concrete. These positions include demolition, where professionals use the tool to break through walls. With a rotary hammer, you can drill through brick, brick, and tile. It’s also perfect for drilling through wood.

Since it’s so powerful, you might worry that it would damage or splinter the wood but, when set to the drill-only setting, it can get even better results than a standard machine. The product is also good to use when placing dowels, pins, and anchor bolt plumbing. Using an ordinary model to use this, pushes the tool to its limits and results in messy holes. With a rotary hammer, the holes will be clean, there will be no worry about damage to the wall, and you don’t need to push the machine to its limits.

So, Should You Buy It?

While it’s probably not necessary for everyday fixes, the Dewalt DCH273B is a powerful tool that can help get heavy-duty work done quickly. Its sturdy, yet compact design makes it easy to take anywhere and on any job. If you do construction work of any kind, then definitely look into purchasing this product.


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