DEWALT DCF885M2 Impact Driver Kit Review



The quality of your tools is one of the most significant dictators that decide how smoothly or horribly your projects can go. Whether you work in a professional trade or are simply looking to carry out projects around the house, you need reliable tools.

Having an impact driver on your side can save you time and effort. But, there are so many impact drivers available that you may be confused about which suits your needs best.

That’s why we’ve conducted extensive research and found the DEWALT DCF885M2 model to be one of the top impact drivers. The fact that these power tools have the DEWALT brand behind them was one of the main reasons to dig deeper into what it offers.

So, whether this is your first impact driver or your 10th, you’ll be glad you read through this review. We’ve made sure to cover this tool from all angles to give you a well-rounded insight into whether it’s the equipment you need.

DEWALT Impact Driver Kit Overview


One of the most notable benefits of this DeWalt impact driver kit is the fact that it’s cordless. It is a company that has manufactured more than 600 different cordless tools. They’ve established an excellent reputation over the years, which shows in this one.

We found this tool to be a compact impact driver perfect for tighter situations. It’s just 5.5 inches from front to back and weighs just 2.8 lbs. It has been purposefully designed to help you get jobs done more effectively in tighter spaces.

Within these tighter areas, a common problem you may have encountered is that lighting the space up can be difficult. Surprisingly, there are a total of three LED lights built into this impact driver.

And it’s effective at lighting up all dark spaces.
Furthermore, it doesn’t automatically cut out when you stop driving. Instead, it stays on for another 20 seconds, allowing you to inspect the work area before continuing or deciding if the job’s complete.

The lightweight design of this cordless impact driver may give a false impression that it’s less powerful and efficient. In reality, it’s the opposite. This tool is powered by 20V 4.0 AH, XR Li-Ion batteries, and a fuel gauge.

The result?

Up to 33% more capacity than standard impact drivers. It means you can use the tool for much longer before having to recharge it. These batteries give the tool a maximum RPM of 2800 and IPM of 3200. Not to mention the 1400 in-lb torque too. All in all that gives you plenty of power to get most large-scale jobs completed successfully.

Even though these benefits are excellent, we did find some flaws. Nevertheless, we believe it’s important to give you all the information so that you can make the best choice possible.

Since the motor can produce up to 2800 RPM speeds, this puts it at over 40% faster than conventional impact drivers. However, this also means it’s more prone to overheating.

If this happens, customers notice it produces an unpleasant smell.



  • RPM speeds of 2800 make jobs faster and easier
  • Compact/lightweight for tight areas
  • ​LED lights to illuminate dull workspaces
  • Long battery life


  • It May produce a burning smell
  • Ergonomic grip takes time to get used to

Detailed Analysis

Now you know a little more about what this DeWalt impact drive power tool offers. It’s packed full of fantastic features that make jobs quicker and easier. However, you may be a little more intrigued about this tool and whether you should purchase it. Well, before you make any decisions, you’ll want to take a look at the section below.

We’re about to delve deep into the features of this cordless tool and how it can vastly improve your approach to jobs.


DeWalt has constructed this motor within this tool to be highly durable. They know people will use it on job sites, so it needs to keep up with the possible wear and tear. The motor is incredibly powerful and can provide a maximum of 2800 RPM. It is profoundly faster compared to many other similar tools. Over 40% faster, to be specific.

Compact Design

You may feel apprehensive about how small this tool is. The fact that you can easily hold it in one hand may give the impression that it’s not suitable for big jobs. Customers are saying it does more than keep up to the standard. It evolves it.

At just 2.8 lbs and 5.55 inches in length, this tool lets you experience a seriously unexpected kick of power. However, it also feels incredibly comfortable to hold. It lets you get into those small areas and finish the job quicker.


Cordless tools are finally starting to prove how effective they are. 20V 4.0 AH XR Li-Ion batteries power this DeWalt cordless impact driver. They ensure this power tool can operate for over 30% longer than the standard tools that use 18V batteries.

With this DEWALT DCF885M2 Impact Driver Kit, you get two 20V batteries and one charger. So, if you’re working on big projects, you can charge each battery before working. One of the batteries alone is often enough to get you through a long day of work. But you can switch it for the charged backup if it runs out.

The charger can bring them to full power from entirely empty batteries within 30 minutes.

Main Benefits and Advantages

So, you have more valuable insights into what this cordless power tool offers. But how can it make your jobs easier? As we’ve said before, this tool is versatile. It can be used by professionals working on large job sites or even someone looking to do some DIY.

In both instances, the DEWALT DCF885M2 tool will prove highly beneficial. Take a look at why below.

Battery Life

The fact that this tool can run for over 30% longer than other impact drivers may be enough of a benefit for some. It becomes incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to be as efficient as possible with work, but the tools can’t keep up.

We feel very safe in saying that this one will never be the case. Why?

Aside from the increased battery life, the charger included with the DEWALT impact driver kit is fantastic. If you run on empty with one battery, you can slip the other on in and charge the dead one. While it’s unlikely you’ll need to do this process a second time in a single day’s work, it’s reassuring to know this tool can keep up with the high demands of lengthy jobs.

Powerful Speeds

Having a motor that can deliver 2800 RPM speeds from such a small cordless tool is impressive. In the past, people were put off by battery-powered tools as they didn’t seem powerful enough. However, with tools like the DeWalt impact driver, people are now flocking to them.

Not only is it easier to get into smaller spaces and work – it’s also faster.

LED Lights

The LED lighting features took us by surprise. They aren’t something you typically see with power tools. However, we found them to be incredibly useful in certain situations. In particular, when you’re getting into those uncomfortable areas.

These spaces often reduce your visibility and further challenge the task. However, the LED lighting options illuminate the area so you can see. We also liked how the lights remain on for 20 seconds after you stop drilling.

You can assess the work section and if the task is done. It also means you can work faster and not worry about being overly cautious due to a lack of visibility.

Dewalt driver kit suitable uses

The DEWALT DCF885M2 model has many superb features for all kinds of work. Therefore, we concluded that it could improve work in many jobs. It boosts the standard of jobs to a new level and ensures they’re completed faster than ever.

It is the case for the regular DIY person and someone working in a profession. So, we’ve looked at various trades where it would be very handy to take this power tool along.


Those working in the plumbing trade will love this tool’s sheer power. Our typical work days include dealing with thick, heavy screws and bolts. Unfortunately, regularly don’t cut it in many cases.

That’s where this impact driver can come into its own.

With a powerful RPM of 2800, plumbers will no longer have issues dealing with large bolts and dense materials. As a result, you can be more productive and get through the jobs quicker.


A carpenter’s job is full of significant, heavy materials. Impact drills (especially this one) are made to ensure working with thick beams and trusses is hassle-free. In addition, the incredible 2800 RPM speed gives you tremendous power that will have you flying through the workday. Not to mention, you don’t have to exert anywhere near as much effort.


Mechanics commonly deal with loosening and driving screws and bolts securely. This DEWALT DCF885M2 impact driver can be a game changer for this profession. Since many nuts and bolts are corroded or over-torqued, loosening them requires a lot of force. There are also instances where they need to tighten screws and nuts with incredible torque.

The power tool by DeWalt is perfect for both situations. First, it makes jobs smoother and faster.

Steel Workers

Steelworkers can be involved in a wide variety of jobs. Mainly, it involves assembling metal constructions, welding, making reinforced bars, or combining sheet metal. In all cases, they’re dealing with some thick and robust materials. As a result, it can make unfastening bolts and screws a grueling process. It can also make it difficult to secure heavy steel and metals together.

With the power of the impact driver tool that we’ve reviewed, these problems are non-existent. In addition, this tool’s fastening and unfastening abilities will surprise most steelworkers.

More Useful Info

When you purchase this impact driver, you’ll see there’s an option for an added protection plan. It’s a small extra price and includes some valuable benefits. It means you get complete cover for circumstances where the tool has malfunctioned or broken down. All the fees will be free if they need to send parts out or have you ship the tool out for repairs.

You’re also open to customer support service 24 hours a day. If you were to purchase the kit as it is, you would receive a three-year limited warranty. On top of this, you even get a one-year free service contract and a 90-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

The kit includes a belt hook that you can easily connect to the left or right side of the power tool. It’s made of solid metal, so it’s suitable for big job sites. It means you can carry it around, use it when needed, and attach it to the belt, so it’s out of the way when you don’t.


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