DeWalt DCD996P2 20V Hammerdrill Kit: Brushless Motor


A hammer drill has been around for over a century now. It’s one of the crucial power tools that should be in every toolbox. All those commercial and residential home builders cannot survive their days of work without a hammer drill. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, remodels and woodworkers also find a hammer drill a necessity. One such power tool is the Dewalt DCD996P2 brushless hammer drill kit. It’s only one among the range of hammer drills manufactured by DEWALT.

DEWALT takes pride in taking Jobsite challenges and manufacturing tools that increase efficiency and productivity. Their tools deliver high performance that suits modern construction jobs thanks to their constant innovations.

One technological highlight that stands out in every DEWALT’s power tool is the use of a 3-speed transmission system. This patented system helps match the tool to the task for fast working speed and improved run time.

You can find cheap single-speed hammer drills but they would not be much efficient on the job. The DCD996P2 allows you to adjust speed appropriately depending on the job at hand.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that comes with the DEWALT is the additional driver kit. This means that the tool can not only drill into surfaces but also be used to drive fasteners.

This DEWALT DCD996P2 hammer drill review explores every aspect of the DEWALT model. It looks at the features and specifications of the tool, and the benefits that result from them. At the end of it all, you can use this information when purchasing this tool.

DEWALT DCD996P2 Overview

The DEWALT Cordless hammer drill 20V delivers up to 300 unit watts out of maximum power. In a market dominated by 18V battery systems, DEWALT went out of its way to offer improved performance. They launched a line of 20V cordless models which includes this one.

The 20V models are much quicker and offer a better end-user experience than their 18V counterparts. Precisely, the 20V Li-ion delivers up to 35 percent more runtime than the existing 18V Li-ion technology. Yet, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer still insists on the continuity of 18V power tools.

To enhance the maximum life of the hammer drill, DEWALT has integrated patented electronics into the model’s switch. The same goes for the batteries in order to prevent overloading, overheating, and intense discharge during use.

The hammer drill features 3-speed settings that allow you to meet various job requirements. These include 0-450 RPM, 0-1,300 RPM, and 0-2000RPM. Thanks to this speed setting, those jobs that cannot be done at high speeds have found their match. Mid-range applications such as drilling larger ship auger bits can make use of the middle-speed setting.

Ideally, the speed you select will depend on the surface or material you will be working with. Lighter materials such as plastic and wood will use a lower speed setting. Tougher materials like concrete or metal will need higher speeds.

This model also makes impacts depending on the speed you choose to work with. The lowest setting delivers 0-9,775 BPM, the moderate speed 0-22,950 BPM, while the highest speed gives 0-34,000 BPM.

Its motor power of it is 5.0 Amp. A hammer drill of this power range is ideal for drilling holes up to 1/2 inch. As if perfectly designed, this hammer drill has a chuck size of 1/2 inch. However, the power is a bit on the lower side compared to other options at this price level.

If you’re new to hammer drills, the chuck is where you attach the drill bit. The sizes can vary from model to model, so you can find others with 1/4 inch or 5/8 inch.

The chuck on the DCD996P2  features carbide inserts that offer maximum strength in gripping bits. This, in turn, reduces bit slippage which would be the case with regular chucks. In another perspective, the lack of bit slippage helps extend the overall life.




  • The three-speed transmission delivers ideal power for every specific job at hand.
  • Carbide inserts on the 1/2-inch chuck help reduce bit spillage, thus providing an extended tool life.
  • ​Comes with a 20V Lithium Ion battery which provides up to 35% more runtime than 18V Li-ion models.
  • ​It comes with two 5.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a hard case
  • ​All metal gear housing provides extreme toughness and ensures the tool components are well-protected from external damage.


  • The drill bit chucks loosen up and the bits always end up slipping.

Important Features of DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill

The major selling point of this tool is the use of a 20V Lithium-Ion battery. Most brands in the market still rely on 18V Li-ion batteries to power their products. DEWALT is no exception since they have a wide range of 18V power tools.

It’s worth noting that this DEWALT DCD996P2 hammer drill driver is among 11 other DEWALT products that use the 20V Li-ion battery. This battery comes with the advantage of extra run time than anything else in its range.

As a matter of fact, the tool is supplied with two 20V Li-ion batteries along with a charger. One smart idea is that the chargers are compatible with both 20V and 18V Li-ion batteries. Should you have an 18V model at home, then you can always use the supplied charger at your convenience.

Furthermore, the batteries have a quick charging time of one hour only. Forget about putting your work to a halt because you have to wait for a tool to charge. The two batteries ensure that you constantly have power throughout the day.

What’s more, the battery packs are covered by a 3-year free service contract. The product itself is warranted for 3 years for your peace of mind. There’s also a 90-day money-back guarantee. This tells enough that DEWALT have complete confidence in their products and they stand fully behind them.

The voltage of this hammer drill is hard to beat. But what else makes the DEWALT DCD996P2 a worthy investment? Find out next.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

When it comes to power tools, ergonomics plays a huge role in deciding the kind of tool you want to purchase. You want to be very much comfortable handling the tool all day long. Fortunately, this DEWALT hammer drill offers just that.

The ergonomic shape of this tool improves your productivity by allowing a good posture. It proves to have fewer exertions and gives you fewer motions as you work.

This is where you even consider the weight of your tool considering most hammer drills should be one-hand operational. The DEWALT is easy to use whether upright or bending due to a proper center of gravity.

The 360-degree handle gives you a neutral wrist position. It prevents flexion, extension, and deviation. A crucial ergonomic principle is to bend the tool, not the wrist.

Durable Construction

You get a longer lifespan with this tool with its all-metal gear housing. The heavy metal ½-inch drill handles heavier equipment. Heavy equipment requires high torque. You get this with the ratcheting chuck with carbide.

This combination reduces slippage during high-torque exertions. The construction of the tool incorporates superior bit-gripping strength, making it an overall better choice.

DeWalt DCD996P2: Extras

LED Light

Above the trigger, you get a built-in LED work light. When working in dimly lit areas, it will have you covered. The 20-second delay improves visibility when drilling or driving.

Plastic Storage Case And Carrying Case

The case has stout metal clasps that give you a classy look. More so, the case acts as a protective cover for the drill. It is easy to transport it from one place to another.

You will get perfect storage for your chargers and drill bits. No more losing or forgetting the charger.

Driver Kit Accessories

You get ultimate versatility with this tool. Aside from the regular drilling, it also drives screws. The clip clutch allows you to adjust the torque. This gives you accurate and unswerving screw driving.

DEWALT hammer drill suitable uses


For Construction Works

It is effective in drilling into masonry, light concrete, stone, and wood. The LED light comes in handy when you work in darker crooks and crannies. It can handle the heavy use and misuse of an industrial workplace.

Each blow has a relatively low force. However, the thousands of blows per minute are adequate to break a brick. This is the same feature that makes this Dewalt DCD996P2 20v brushless hammer drill combo better than regular drills. The carbide wedge of the DEWALT model helps it whisk away at the concrete.


If you are a plumber you know that a 20v hammer drill is an essential tool in your kit. You do not require power on site which can be unsafe when dealing with water. This tool can drill through the tit of a tap. There is no easier way to install a dishwasher.

Its power also allows it to go through concrete to install brackets for holding up pipes.


Drilling holes is a norm for an electrician and if you are one, you need a powerful one on site. This tool is fine for wood, masonry, brick, cinder blocks, and softer metals. This model has convenience and power while on site.

The lithium-ion technology will increase the efficiency of your work. The ergonomic design will also ensure ultimate comfort when you are down to business.

Home Furnishing

From a cinderblock basement wall to a bookshelf, the DEWALT hammer drill will be a great companion. It is not too heavy and is perfect for those DIY home additions. It can go through age-old plaster-like butter.

Whether you are on a renovation scheme or just upgrading a few features, the DEWALT DCD996P2 has got your back.


Imagine wanting to build a shed with 2 to 3 ½ inch screws. With the battery life, a major project can be enjoyable to undertake. Its ease to drill and driving into wood is clearly seen through its powerful nature.

The cordless tool combined with the lithium-ion battery ensures you make speedy work of your project. Despite the fact that normal drills can do the same work in wood-related jobs, hammer drills can function the same. The hammer function has to be activated and this comes in handy with those screws.

A Little More About DEWALT

In as much as the individual tool matters, it is always a plus when you know the brand. The manufacturer of a certain product always has a weight on it. When you have a reputable brand, you will evidently have a world-class experience.

From the invention of the radial arm saw, DEWALT has developed into an American worldwide brand. They make power and hand tools for construction, woodwork, home furnishing, DIY projects, and industrial works.

The company prides itself on its capability to rebrand its products into professional-quality tools. They work relentlessly to improve the technology used in their manufacturing.

If you have ever used any tool from this company, you will make clear testation that there have been countless improvements to the structure and efficiency of their products. Subsequently, they have worldwide manufacturing facilities.

This particular tool is made in Mexico. The black and yellow design is often associated with safety. They have direct user feedback helps engineers redefine tools with the latest technology. There is no better company that will help you find the tool to suit your needs.

Is the dewalt DCD996P2 any good?

If you are looking for a hammer drill, the DEWALT DCD996P2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Premium 5.0 Ah Hammerdrill/Driver Kit is a worthy investment. Not only will it give you power and efficiency but comfort too. It will never cease to amaze the power contained in this lightweight tool.

So next time you want to embark on a DIY project or your boss has requested new tools, this hammer drill is a must-have





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