Dewalt DCD709B 20V Cordless Drill Review


A cordless drill is a favorite tool for do-it-yourself home projects and basic construction tasks. They are highly rated by consumers and commonly used among homeowners, contractors, or hobbyists. Finding the right product takes some time, but with proper research, quality cordless models can be found at a reasonable price,

In this Dewalt DCD709B 20V cordless drill review will walk prospects through the features, specifications, and other characteristics that make this item different from the rest. It is a smart selection that gives consumers good value for their money. You won’t be looking for other features.

It is important to consider customer reviews, features, and project specifications to make the best purchase possible. While all cordless drills differ slightly they are useful in some of the same ways and bring along the following benefits:

  • Convenience – This includes size, weight, and accessibility. Cordless drills are not bound by electricity making them easy to work with. They are also usually very lightweight and able to navigate tight spaces.
  • Speed  A great feature about cordless models is the speed that they bring along with them. Screwdrivers are useful; however, they add quite a bit of time to a project. A product will make the job quicker and easier saving an abundant amount of time.
  • Batteries – Cordless drills come with rechargeable batteries that you can charge at the end of the working day. It typically only takes a few hours for the battery to recharge, saving money in the long run. Many models come with an extra battery to prevent possible delays

The Dewalt DCD709B 20-volt is among the top-selling cordless drills on the market. With its 4.4 out of 5-star rating, this product exceeds customer expectations. It has become a favorite among consumers because of its remarkable features.

Product Features


While many cordless drills are big and bulky, the Dewalt DCD709B 20V is not. At a low weight of 3.36 pounds, it brings comfort and good grip to users. It is highly rated regarding accessibility and gives individuals the ability to use it for extended periods of time. Other remarkable features are included below:

  • Power – This model is considered an entry-level product, but don’t let this discourage you. It is powered by a 20-volt battery that charges completely in an hour. It also has an efficient brushless motor that exerts 300 watts making it suitable for basic and advanced projects.
  • Speed – With its dual speed feature, consumers can take advantage of two settings. At low speed, you can expect 0-450 rpm. When it is set on high speed, you can look forward 0-1,650 rpm. This feature makes it convenient to loosen or tighten screws.
  • Price  The Dewalt DCD709B 20 Volt Compact Drill is currently being sold for under $80. It also includes a refund policy for 90 days, a one-year service contract, and a three-year limited warranty.
  • LED– footlight for great visibility.

When purchasing the Dewalt DCD709B 20-volt kit, buyers will receive the model, a plastic ½-inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck, and a contractor bag for easy transport. This kit has everything beginner or advanced handymen need, making the process of finishing a project quick and easy.

Product Specifications

While this model is perfect for simple tasks around the house, it is also capable of performing some heavy-duty tasks. The developers of this product have worked diligently over the years to compose a quality product with enhanced features. This particular drill has a battery life of 1.2 hours and other specifications of this product are listed below.

  • Brand  Dewalt is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories that are known both nationally and internationally.
  • Size and Weight At 2.5 pounds this compact brushless cordless drill minimizes user exhaustion. Dimensions are ‎9.25 x 7.5 x 3.19  inches. Its compact size fits into tight spaces. The ½ inch single sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck allows a tighter grip on the bit.
  • Color – The colors of this model are yellow and black. It looks good, but works even better!

What Can the Dewalt DCD709B 20v Used for?

The Dewalt DCD709B cordless brushless drill replaces the screwdriver, can rotate counterclockwise and makes it easy when removing or installing screws. This model can be utilized when drilling, loosening, or fastening applications in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastics. It is perfect for simple construction projects and in-home projects like cabinet installation, framing, and HVAC work. It’s a high-performance brushless motor, and lightweight making this product easy to use.

Consequently, the Dewalt DCD709B 20V cordless drill is perfect for small home projects and basic construction tasks. It is ideal for the average homeowner and a great tool to have around the house.

Should You Buy the Dewalt DCD709B?

The Dewalt DCD709B 20-volt cordless drill is highly rated by consumers and a great alternative to the traditional hammer or screwdriver method. Ideal for contractors, homeowners, or hobbyists, the Dewalt Cordless Drill is both convenient and affordable. Delivering optimal performance, it is perfect for any home project and simple construction tasks.

It’s no surprise that the Dewalt DCD709B is among the best-selling brushless cordless drills in the market at an incredibly low price. All the way from the sleek look to the remarkable features, this model is a perfect selection. This tool is suitable for almost any basic job around the house and will even complete some construction projects. Though it’s an entry-level drill, the Dewalt DCD709B does a fantastic job with necessary projects and is utilized among novice users as well as experienced ones.

Giving consumers great value for their money, the Dewalt DCD709B model is powerful and provides a full spectrum of jobs. If consumers are not content with their product, it does come with a 90-day guarantee, 1-year free service, and three years limited.


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