Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Cordless Drill Review

Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR
Cordless Drill Review

From palm trees swaying in the wind to maple leaves sweeping the ground, we trade in our afternoon BBQs for Sunday football. It is also the perfect time to cross off home improvement projects that often get neglected. For many, choosing the best power tool can be as overwhelming as selecting a league in fantasy football. In fantasy football, you consider a player’s stats, yardage and other components that will make your season successful. When it comes to choosing a power tool, consumers should be aware of the tools features, specifications and what sets it apart from others.

A toolbox is like fantasy league team; you have your defense and offense that work together. How well they work together will determine if you have a successful season or not. And every team has their secret weapon that sets them apart. In a toolbox, you have your basic tools such as a hammer, an adjustable wrench and of course screws. Then there are those who have their power tools that set their projects aside from others. With that being said, a machine should be found in every toolbox! A hammer drill is a mesh between defense and offense working together. It uses the rotation of a product in combination with a hammering action to deliver the best results. No toolbox would be complete without this tool! Below, consumers will find a PORTER-CABLE PC70HTD VSR hammer cordless drill review to determine if this is the best tool for them. This extensive review covers the features and specifications of the product before determining the final verdict.

Product Features:

  • 7.0 Amp motor delivers the durability and power to tackle the most demanding drilling uses
  • Hammer drill and drill modes provide versatility when it comes to drilling into wood, concrete, metal, block, brick and other materials
  • Dual Speed transmission provides maximum torque in setting one and maximum speed in setting two
  • Two-finger locking trigger allows for ease of use while working for prolonged periods
  • Side handle provides enhanced control during bind up and heavy application situations
  • 1/2” Metal chuck and key provides holding pressure for increased bit retention
  • Streamlined over mold body and handle for increase comfort and user fatigue

Product Specifications:

  • Amps: 7.0
  • Beats/ Min: 52,700 bpm
  • Capacity in Concrete: 1/2 “
  • Capacity in Steel: 1/2 “
  • Capacity in Wood: 1-1/4 “
  • Variable-Speed Trigger: Yes
  • Weight: 6.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 3.3 x 11 inches
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Size: 1/2″
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Switch Style: Trigger

What Can the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Be Used For?

There is a huge misconception when it comes to hammer drills. Many people confuse them with an impact driver which is an entirely different tool. A hammer drill is used to drill holes in masonry materials such as concrete and steel. Whereas an impact driver is used to drive screws, lags, and nuts. With that being clarified, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR can be utilized for multiple commercial and private projects on any skill level.

First impressions can make or break any institution from colleges and universities, government facilities or commercial buildings. For those professionals who are looking to elevate their business projects, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR is the tool to use to deliver the best results. Traditional colleges and universities architecture tend to be a blend of conventional and modern with bricks running from top to bottom and intersected steel archways. A traditional drill or any other tool would not be able to go through the brick or steel. However, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR will be able to makes holes through the brick with ease to install the archways, railings, and much more.

The Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR is an ideal tool for those looking to renovate their home or landscape themselves. It can be difficult to execute certain DIYs due to the lack of tools or materials. Many would like to add stone to the front of their house for curb appeal or even adding a variety of stone structures in the backyard from bars with marble counter tops or stone fountains rising from the pool. Instead on settling on faux materials or trying to mimic the project with what they have, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR allows individuals to execute these DIY projects by drilling into materials that other tools cannot.

So, Should You Buy It?

The Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR Hammer drill and different modes provide versatility for drilling into masonry materials at 7.0 amp using dual speed transmission. It is on the heavier side weighing a little over 6 pounds. However, the streamlined design over the body and handle and the two-finger locking trigger provides ease when being used for an extended period. Also, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR has a side handle which provides more control for heavier applications such as drilling in concrete or brick. Unlike its leading competitors on the market, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR has a screwdriver function which allows you to use it as a screwdriver with a reversible option.

It is often said with great power, comes great responsibility Caution is advised as many have commented on the power of the tool. Without control, the mechanism could cause more damage than intended on the surface it is penetrating. As for those looking to maximize the machine’s performance, it is best used for short duration jobs due to the torque. However, certain jobs that are time intensive, this tool has been known to burn out during the task.


Overall, the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR is a great tool and should be found in everyone’s toolbox no matter their skill level due to its versatility. It can be a hit or miss with anything. Those looking to purchase the Porter-Cable PC70THD VSR should buy the tool with a great warranty if it does not live up to one’s expectations. The tool can be found on Amazon for about $70 with a three-year warranty. It does not come in a case. However, it does come in a heavy duty box which can be used for storage to the consumer’s discretion.

Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DC825B Impact
Cordless Drill Review

Impact drills are gaining traction as amazing tools for a broad range of work. These products add repeated blows to the rotation for more secure and powerful performance. More and more home improvement experts are turning to this type and drivers as their primary tools, and more impact drills are being produced and introduced in the market. One of the more exceptional options for the everyday handyman is the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill.

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill is one of the strongest and most versatile tools a handyman can have in his arsenal. This compact, maneuverable model provides power and convenience with a 4.6 lb weight (with the battery) and a length of 5 ¾ inches combined with 18 volts of power and 1330 inch-pounds of torque. The product is durable and sturdy and is held in high regard for its overall strength. This Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill review goes over both the good and the bad of this versatile tool.

Product Features:

  • Bare Bones: The Dewalt DC825B is often available without the battery or other extra parts, making it more affordable to purchase the model if you already have other tools and batteries in this Dewalt line.
  • Anti-Slip Grip: Even at the end of a long workday, the anti-slip grip keeps the product from falling, and helps you keep it held in place despite fatigue. This grip comes in handy for sustained work in awkward positions where muscles can take a beating, or for any jobs that last a long while and can lead to aching arms.
  • Less Kickback: The replaceable brushes and the impact mechanism on this model prevent kickback, even during tough projects at the most awkward angles. This reduces wear on your body, making projects quick and easy to complete.
  • Replaceable Brushes: This unique feature helps to make the machine more serviceable, leading to long lasting durability. The replaceable brushes keep this model running for years so you can avoid the costs and hassle of replacement.
  • Variable Speeds: If you try to tackle a lighter project with an intense, high-speed machine, you can run the risk of damaging the project by using too much force and overwhelming the screws. The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill offers a range of speeds to adjust between light and heavy projects, delivering the perfect amount of power needed to ensure that every job run smoothly.
  • LED Light: This Dewalt model includes an attached LED light under the chuck connector for increased project visibility. This is a relatively new feature across the board for drills and drivers and makes projects safer, faster, and more efficient.

Product Specifications:

  • 2.2 lbs.: The model itself, without any battery or attached components, comes in at a minuscule 2.2 pounds. With the battery, it still only weighs 4.6 lbs. This accessible weight makes this product ideal for overhead projects or times when the drill needs to be held still at awkward angles for proper use. It also makes this model easy to transport for on-the-go work.
  • Five ¾ inches in length: The compact design helps the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill have increased portability and maneuverability. This model can be moved into tight spaces and, in conjunction with the comfortable 2.2 lb weight reduces wear on the user.
  • 1330 inch-pounds of torque: The 1330 inch-pounds of torque provides a powerful, fast performance. The product can place an incredible force for turning an object, delivering a powerful experience to make quick work of big jobs.
  • 18 volts: This strong model can take on everyday house work like a champ with its 18-volt system. The higher voltage in the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill, however, doesn’t accompany a rise in price or weight. While the 18-volt system may lead to some limitations for the intense do-it-yourself worker or a professional in construction, it’s more than enough power for regular home improvement projects.
  • Up to 2700 impacts per minute: Impact cordless drills deliver a sort of hammer and anvil function for quick bursts of increased torque, which is measured in the impacts per minute. This feature helps the product take on heavier screw driving projects. The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill delivers up to 45 impacts per second, giving it the extra power it needs to handle some of the tougher projects.
  • ¼” hex drive: A ¼” hex drive is a relatively standard size, meaning that it’s easy to find an affordable driver for easy removal and replacement of the drill bits. The drive helps secure pieces onto the model for strong performance.
  • All metal transmission and magnesium gear case: The magnesium gear case and the metal transmission allows for extended durability. With extended durability, the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill can soar above some of its competitors to offer a durable, powerful, impressive performance from the start to the end of a project.

What Can the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill Be Used For?

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill took on most of our projects like a champ. The variable speeds and power allowed us to remove and drive fasteners into concrete or metal and dive into wood or metal quickly. It can take on a wide array of home improvement projects, including changing door hinges, work under the sink, run deck screws, removing stubborn screws, garage construction, and mounting cabinets.

So, Should You Buy It?

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill is a great product for the around the house repairman. It’s a sturdy little workhorse that is compact and light enough for complex projects but can handle some tougher work. The 18-volt battery is sufficient to take on most around the house work, but the professional who needs to use their model every day may find that it isn’t strong enough for them.

The hobbyist or the everyday home improvement junkie will find it plenty powerful. Between the 18 volts, the 1330 inch-pounds of torque, and the 2700 impacts per minute, the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill delivers a powerful performance in a compact package.



How to Maintain Your Cordless Drill Easily

How to Maintain Your Cordless Drill Easily

Whether you are a general contractor building and a room addition or a do-it-yourselfer installing speaker wire for your new surround sound system, the cordless drill or driver is a vital part of your equipment. Furthermore, reliable cordless machines can be a significant investment, and great care should be taken of one of your most valuable assets. High-quality products are typically very resilient to long term use, but even the toughest of drivers can break down quickly if regular maintenance is not performed.

Cordless drills differ from electric (corded) ones in that there are more parts which require proper attention. For example, cordless product batteries need their care to preserve the service life of the batteries. These batteries can be expensive and need to be charged and stored properly to deliver enough power to the machine for the most rugged projects. The following information will help drill owners be better informed on how to preserve and even extend the life of their cordless models.

  • Oiling Your Machine: Like other mechanical tools, your cordless drill has lots of moving parts inside and out. One of the most important parts of routine product maintenance you can perform is regularly oiling the metal parts of the machine. More specifically, oiling the chuck, which is the part that holds the bits. Most modern products come with a keyless chuck, but some products, like hammer drills, come with keyed chucks. Keyed chucks provide a better grip on bits. Especially when using a vibrating or hammer function on your machine, keyed chucks prevent the pieces from loosening over time. The following steps should be considered when oiling your cordless drill:
  1. Using a standard metal lubricating oil, spread the oil on the inside of the chuck where the drill bits would go (make sure the chuck teeth are completely open).
  2. Tighten and loosen the chuck three to four times to evenly spread the oil throughout the inside of the chuck.
  3. Using a rag or shop cloth, apply the oil to the outer surface of the chuck. This will ensure oil is spread thoroughly between the chuck and the hand grip.
  4. If the chuck is keyed, follow the above steps with the addition of lubricating the vital teeth around the outside of the chuck. This will reduce wear on the teeth of the core and the chuck.
  • Cleaning Your Instrument: Penetrating through a surface is almost always a messy job as the drill bit grinds through the material. Going through wood, drywall, and concrete, for example, can leave your machine quite dusty. The dust particles from drywall gypsum, for instance, are excellent and can easily work their way into the motor events of the drill. Overtime, these vents can become clogged with particles and dust, causing the engine to overheat and eventually burnout.

    Only blowing the dust out of these vents will ensure the motor can breathe properly.

    You can use a blow tool if you have an air compressor, otherwise, an air duster or compressed air canister will also work adequately.

  • Keep Your Drills in a Dry Place: These are very powerful tools, but that power is based on a vast number of small intricate motor parts, gyros, gears, and even small chipsets which can control speed and torque ratios. Always make sure your drill is stored in a dry space. Humid conditions can cause water vapor to get into the product, rusting the motor parts and the chucks of the machine. The battery can also be adversely affected by moisture and cause corrosion around the metal contacts that connect the battery to the drill.
  • Temperature Requirements: Your product can also be affected by the temperature it is stored in, especially the battery. As best one can, the drill and batteries should be stored at room temperature (72F/22C) with a buffer of plus or minus 10 degrees. Freezing temperatures can cause icing of the motor and compression of the gears, effectively burning out the motor and gears. Excessively warm temperatures can significantly reduce the life of the batteries, especially lithium ion batteries. There are some machines which are now equipped with cold weather lithium ion batteries for outdoor winter use. However, these batteries also need to stay out of hotter temperatures.
  • Keep Your Drill Off of the Ground: This is another key to keeping your cordless drill clean. There is a high likelihood you will eventually use your project for an outdoor project. Grass and dirt can easily find their way into the casing when left on the ground. Moreover, wet grass and dirt can significantly damage your machine. Wet blades of grass can easily distribute water in through the motor vents, potentially causing a short in the drill or even electrocution. Leaving products on the ground can also be a safety hazard – especially on a job site where there is frequent foot traffic. Individuals may trip on the machine or even damage it.
  • Use Sharp Drill Bits: The machine’s power is only as good as the bit’s ability to penetrate a surface. Using dull bits will not only fail to get the job done, but it can also burn out your machine’s motor very quickly. Dull bits will cause longer work times while simultaneously increasing friction and ultimately resulting in undue stress on the motor. Ensure your bits are sharp before starting on a project and make sure they are the correct bits for the surface through which you intend on drilling. Do not use wood bits to go through concrete, for example.
  • Drill Bit Safety: Dull bits can also present safety issues. If the pieces are not sharp enough, they can become jammed into the surface. The resulting torque can cause the drill to spin; injuring our hands and wrists. The machine may even fall out of your hand and onto the ground below. This can be especially dangerous if anyone is below you or if you are on a ladder, it may cause you to lose your balance.

Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium Cordless Drill Review

Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium
Cordless Drill Review

For everyday maintenance and projects, a regular cordless power drill would do just fine, but for tougher materials, you need something a bit more powerful. The choices are endless from impact frills to rotary hammers to hammer drivers. There is no real wrong choice; it all depends on what exactly your needs are for your project and what your preference is. For the hammer drive, there are some unique aspects worth taking into consideration. In this Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium hammer cordless drill review, I will be determining why this cordless power drill is one of the best options for your next heavy duty project by reviewing the product’s features and specifications.

Product Features:

  • The Makita has a BL brushless motor. The cordless drill is powered by a brushless motor which allows for increased power and speed, extended runtime, and longer tool life. A standard model has brushes that drag across a spinning commutator, but hammer drivers have a small circuit board that delivers energy to the windings. The brushless motor allows for the tool to automatically adjust to the task at hand. It also allows it run cooler and more efficiently since it eliminates carbon brushes. This makes the maximum amount of torque possible higher; the drill is capable of delivering 1,090in lbs of max torque.
  • 3-stage LED gauge that reads what charge the battery’s at. While the motor makes the drill’s life lasts longer, it has to run out of power eventually. When it does, you don’t want to be on the job. This tiny but useful feature on the Makita XPH07Z lets you know the life of your battery in bright LED.
  • It has Star Protection Computer Controls. This Makita exclusive feature is for improved tool performance and extended battery life. Its communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time, so it knows the status of the device. It also can monitor conditions during use to protect against overuse, overheating, and over-discharge. The Star Protection item is not only able to take Makita 18V LXT but also Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • A wide range of applications due to its all metal variable 2-speed transmission. This feature allows for fastening and hammer drilling applications. It makes the process smoother so that you can work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.
  • It has an attached side handle. The model comes with a side handle attached to it can be easily stored and hanged wherever you made need it. It doesn’t hinder its portability either; you can put in your toolbox, hang it in your truck, or keep it in storage.

Product Specifications:

  • It is compact for maximum portability. Its dimensions are 15 x 6 x 11 inches, and it weighs 5.8 pounds, with the battery attached. Even the some of the best cordless drills have the issue of being too clunky and unnecessarily heavy due to bulky battery packs. The Makita XPH07Z, on the other hand, is considerably small which is a relief. Its ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip on the handle also increases comfort during use for a bonus.
  • It has all metal gears and parts. The Makita XPH07Z has all metal gears and gear housing to provide maximum durability while on the job site. It also has an all metal ½” self-ratcheting chuck for improved bit gripping durability and strength.
  • Since it is cordless, the machine does require a battery. It takes Lithium Ion battery packs. The battery and charger are not sold with the product so will have to be bought separately. The addition of a couple of batteries and a dual charger does drive the price up to around $500, which is around the norm for a cordless power drill.
  • The product is a hammer driver who is best used on a tough material. They operate on rotary impulses that adjust to the task at hand. For drilling fasteners, if a hammer drive is used on a light duty fastener then the model will perform like a standard cordless screwdriver. If used on something more heavy duty then it will be opposing higher levels of torque which will activate its rotary impulses to help drive in the fasteners.

What Can the Makita XPH07Z LXT Be Used For?

Hammer drivers are used primarily for driving into tough material such as cement, brick, and other similar materials. It is often confused with an impact driver, which is entirely different. Impact drivers use an increase in rotational drive to do their job. Impact drivers are used to driving screws, lags, and nuts but are not powerful enough to go through the type of material that hammer drills go through. Hammer drills have the bonus of accepting a variety of bit types, including both round and hex bits. Hammer drivers operate in rotating motion as well, but they have a forward, hammer type, movement to help drive through material like concrete.

The Makita XPH07Z LXT Lithium breaks new ground with its powerful torque that is the most demanding driving and drilling applications in metal, wood, and masonry. It’s at the top of Makita’s broad lineup of driver-drills and is a potent tool engineered with durability features for operations in tougher environments. The product can go through wood, concrete, and metal with ease and without having any damage to the material. Its features prevent users from pushing the tool beyond its limits.

So, Should You Buy It?

The type of drill you buy depends solely on what your needs are and how much power those needs need. While the Makita XPH07Z is not necessary and probably will not work, it can work on jobs that particularly harsh.

It has a sturdy and compact design that makes it easy to store and to take anywhere you could need. Its powerful torque allows you to complete the job efficiently and quickly. If you do heavy duty housework or have a job in construction, then definitely look into adding this drill to your tool box.

Dewalt DCH273B 20V Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DCH273B 20V
Cordless Drill Review

When buying power tools, you want to find the perfect products to suit your needs. There are various qualities to look for while searching for power drills and such. Some things to consider are power, speed, the chuck, and the clutch, and whether it has a forward/reverse switch, which allows you to remove screws as well. The ideal model will require the least maintenance possible. The Dewalt DCH273B 20V is a rotary hammer that delivers 2.1 Joules of impact energy which provides the power of a corded drill without the cord. A perfect tool to fix almost any carpentry and concrete problem. In this Dewalt DCH273B hammer cordless drill review, we’ll go into detail about everything you need to know before deciding if it’s the product for you.

Product Features:

The drill has some unique features which make it valuable for a variety of scenarios.

  • The drill has a brushless motor. This allows for extended runtime and durability. Without the brushes and commutator that are in traditional products, a small circuit board coordinates the energy delivery to the windings. This allows the model to automatically adjust to the task at hand. Brushless drills are also generally more powerful since they don’t have a voltage drop or the friction that results in energy loss when the brush drags across the spinning commutator.
  • The Dewalt also has a feature that controls vibrations. The active vibration control significantly reduces the vibration felt when working with the tool. An exclusive Perform and Perfect feature by Dewalt offers 20% less vibration at the handles of their drills. Prolonged exposure to intense vibrations can cause strain on the joints as well as discomfort and fatigue. Dewalt’s SHOCKS Active Vibration Control System reduces this strain, offering more comfort and reducing the wear and tear on the joints.
  • The model has a retractable hook which also serves as a useful feature. The hook makes it easy to store and hang where ever you may need it. The hook makes the product a great portable device to hang in your truck or leave in storage.
  • The 2.1 Joules it uses packs a powerful punch. The impact energy replicates that of a model that has a cord in a simple cordless drill. Joules affect the number of blows per minute (BPM). The higher the BPM is, the more the machine will chisel or drill into the material. The higher the joules, the more efficiently the product will do its job. This allows the model to work on almost any material. It even goes through concrete as smooth as a knife through butter.

Product Specifications:

  • The Dewalt DCH273B 20V is 13 x 4.2 x 8.6 inches and weighs 6.4 pounds. This means that this power model lives up to its purpose and is very powerful. The compact size makes it super easy to store and allows you to transport it to work sites with virtually no problems. While many of the best cordless models can be bulky due to the extra battery pack, this product is relatively small and lightweight. Plus the lack of a cord allows for more movement.
  • It’s made in the Czech Republic. Dewalt manufactures their products in many countries throughout the world including places like China, Brazil, the UK, and some parts of the United States. While some think that where the product is made affects the quality of the product, Dewalt’s products have been reported to be uniform throughout. This model from the Czech Republic has high reviews with no mention of poorly made parts.
  • The Dewalt drill is a rotary hammer meaning that it’s best used for concrete drilling. The rotary hammer is often compared with a hammer drill since they are both commonly used to get through masonry. Rotary hammers are more powerful and often have a “hammer only” function which prevents a rotating motion from happening. So rather than drilling a hole, a rotary hammer blasts a hole through the concrete. So whether you’re planning on doing light masonry or some heavy-duty construction, the Dewalt DCH273B 20V will be the perfect tool for the job.
  • It’s made of mixed material both metal and plastic which is common in power tools. The material is durable and dense, making it able to withstand extreme duress. The grooves and dips in the plastic handle make the product easy to hold and operate. The design of the tool and the material that it’s made from help with the reduction of vibration.
  • It’s battery-powered but doesn’t come with batteries. The Dewalt is battery-powered, requiring a 20-volt battery pack for operation. This battery pack, unfortunately, does not come included with the product (at least on Amazon) but is relatively affordable at $185 for a pack of two batteries and a charger. The model also comes with a three-year warranty in case any damage does come to the product.

What Can the Dewalt DCH273B 20v Be Used For?

As mentioned earlier, the Dewalt DCH273B 20V is perfect for going through concrete and other tough material. So it’s best utilized in the types of job that involve breaking through concrete. These positions include demolition, where professionals use the tool to break through walls. With a rotary hammer, you can drill through brick, brick, and tile. It’s also perfect for drilling through wood.

Since it’s so powerful, you might worry that it would damage or splinter the wood but, when set to the drill only setting, it can get even better results than a standard machine. The product is also good to use when placing dowels, pins, and anchor bolt plumbing. Using an ordinary model to use this, pushes the tool to its limits and results in messy holes. With a rotary hammer, the holes will be clean, there will be no worry about damage to the wall, and you don’t need to push the machine to its limits.

So, Should You Buy It?

While it’s probably not necessary for everyday fixes, the Dewalt DCH273B is a powerful tool that can help get heavy duty work done quickly. It’s sturdy, yet compact design makes it easy to take anywhere and on any job. If you do construction work of any kind, then definitely look into purchasing this product.


Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18
Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee is one of the leading manufacturers of drills, and their latest addition is proof of that. The 2703-22 XC M18 or M18 Fuel is the newest edition in Milwaukee’s great legacy of high-quality metal ratcheting drills. The ½” kit comes with everything you need to get the job done. Whether it is a personal situation at home or getting to work on the job site, the M18 Fuel has a long list of amazing and innovative features that will make it a competitive choice for the consumer’s next cordless drill.

Any proper tool box, whether you are a do-it-yourself home user or a professional contractor, requires a good cordless product. The Milwaukee 2703-22XC M18 is a viable option for such a crucial investment. With a vast array of cordless model options, it can be daunting to find the drill you want. Especially for users who are unfamiliar with what qualifies as a high-quality product, the search can seem very intimidating. This Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 cordless drill review aims to assist consumers in determining if the M18 Fuel is the right product for their needs.

Product Features:

  • More Powerful XC Battery Pack: The M18 Fuel comes with two Redlithium XC5.0 batteries. These batteries have an extended charge capacity compared to previous XC extended life batteries. Professional users will especially be excited to know that the XC5.0 is designed for rugged outdoor work in mind. The structure of the battery aims to move water and moisture away from critical electrical components in the battery.

    The batteries are also capable of dispersing heat better than other cordless product batteries – ensuring long lasting ability to work in hotter environments. Just as it can withstand the heat, these batteries are designed to resist freezing temperatures as well to let you operate the model in harsh winter conditions.

    In addition to these features, Milwaukee batteries are exclusively equipped with REDLINK intelligence. This feature actively monitors the temperature of the battery and helps to prevent the battery from overheating when used in unusually high friction applications. The XC5.0 is also compatible with other Milwaukee brand cordless power tools.

  • Improved Design: With a total weight, battery and all, of under 5 pounds, the 2703-22 XC M18 is perfect for carrying on a tool belt for long periods of time. From chuck to butt, the top portion of the model only measures 7.5 inches – making it the perfect product for applications in tight corners and small spaces. This machine’s small size, in conjunction with the lighter weight of the POWERSTATE brushless motor, makes for an incredibly powerful drill in a tiny package.
  • Multiple Speed and Torque Settings: The 2703-22 XC M18 has two main speed modes which can be controlled by a switch at the top of the model. The first speed setting produces 0-500 rotations per minute (RPM) and the second produces 0-2,000 RPMs. The product has two main operating modes – drill and fasten. The mode is for boring through hard surfaces such as concrete. The product mode can also be used for fast mixing applications such as drywall mud, paint, or concrete mixing.

    The fasten mode is obviously for fastening jobs such as screws or bolts. The fasten method also automatically increases the product’s strength and allows for up to 1,200-foot pounds of torque in fastening applications. This ensures the model can continue to fasten screws that have already been tightened in a hole or that need to be loosened in hard surfaces. The fastening mode also allows you to choose from 24 different torque settings – giving you the ability to find the perfect intensity for each job.

  • Accessories: The M18 Fuel pack comes with everything you need for all drilling and fastening applications. The model, two XC5.0 batteries, a side leverage handle for mixing and heavy-duty drilling, a bit holder, belt clip, battery charging station, and high-quality hard shell carrying case is what you get when you buy this product.

Product Specifications:

  • Drill Type: Cordless
  • No Load Speed: Variable Speed/Two Speed (0-2,000 RPM)
  • Chuck Size: ½” All Metal Chuck
  • Chuck Type: Metal Ratcheting
  • Clutch Settings: 24 settings
  • Power Source: XC5.0 18V Battery
  • Maximum Power: 360 UWO (unit watts out)
  • Battery Capacity: 2.0 Amp Hours

What Can the Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 be Used for?

Milwaukee has made this model with everyone in mind. It is small and lightweight enough for homeowners to like this machine while being rugged and enduring enough to handle daily, long-term use by a professional. The model, however, does not have a hammer function and hammer drilling would require another tool. Though most products are usually corded for more intense long-term applications, so this model is not lacking in that regard.

So, Should You Buy It?

The M18 Fuel is an exceptional tool and homeowners and contractors alike will love making this their next cordless machine. The model’s small size, POWERSTATE motor, and extended capacity batteries make this drill a must-have for those looking for a high-quality product on a budget. If you are looking for a significant upgrade to one of the most important investments in your tool box, then the Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 cordless drill driver could be right for you.


Dewalt DCD996B Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DCD996B Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt DCD996B Cordless Drill Review

There are those who look forward to the 5 o’clock news in the evening after a long day of work, and then there are those who look forward to Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. There are those who are reaching for their Wolverine work boots in the mornings and others who are grabbing their files for today’s briefing. Whether you are a professional craftsman who spends their day on site turning blueprints into completed projects or someone who works 9 to 5 and gets a high exploring for the next DIY on Pinterest, a Dewalt DCD996B should be in your toolbox.

Before starting any project, there should be a solid foundation to build on. From a professional craftsman to the next DIY, no toolbox is complete without these tools! Every toolbox should include a claw hammer, an adjustable wrench, locking and combination pliers, flashlight and of course a nail set. Now generally in traditional toolkits, you have multiple screwdrivers from flat-head to cross-headed. However, a hammer drill is changing the tool game. It is most commonly known as a “rotary hammer” or “hammering drill.” The device is designed to provide a short hammer thrust at a rapid pace to pulverize numerous materials and provide drilling with less effort. No toolbox would be complete without this tool! Dewalt DCD996B hammer cordless drill review can be found below. This extensive review covers the product’s features, specifications and what it does before delivering a final verdict.

Product Features:

  • High-performance transmission for fast application speeds and improved run-time
  • High-efficiency brushless motor provides as much as 57% more run time
  • 0-38,250 BPM for fast drilling in masonry materials
  • Heavy-duty 1/2″ ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck including carbide inserts to allow for superior strength in bit gripping
  • 3-Mode LED gives lighting in confined or dark spaces up to 20X brighter than others
  • LED Spotlight Mode comes with 20-minute shut off setting, allowing for lengthened work time in confined or dark spaces

Product Specifications:

  • Chuck Size: 1/2”
  • Chuck Type: Metal Ratcheting
  • Clutch Settings: 11
  • Max Power: 820 UWO
  • Number of Speed Settings: 3
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 10 x 8 Inches
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Flashlight Included? Yes
  • Flashlight Settings: 3

What Can the Dewalt DCD996B be Used For?

The Dewalt DCD996B is one of the most versatile tools on the market from the sleek design to execution. However, there is a misconception about a hammer drills performance and an impact drivers execution. A hammer drill is specifically designed to drill roughly 1/2″ holes depending on the masonry materials such as wood, concrete, steel or brick. Whereas impact drivers are specifically designed to loosen bolts, nuts, and screws that have been over-torqued using a rotational downward force. It is imperative to distinguish the purpose of these tools because the Dewalt DCD996B does have an impact feature, it is designed for drilling. Consumers who are looking for the removed tile or other related projects should consider a corded impact drill that includes a chipping attachment.

The Dewalt DCD996B also includes multiple settings to deliver multiple executions. Pulling out various tools during a project can be time-consuming. Thus the Dewalt DCD996B gives consumers the options to turn off the hammer setting allowing them to use it as a regular product. With that being said, the model has three-speed settings maxing out 820 UWO which is ideal for drilling through masonry materials. There are times when consumers get a bit carried away with that power. There is a reverse function located on the handle in cases where the bit gets stuck. The Dewalt DCD996B includes a flashlight with three settings which is ideal for contractors who find themselves working in dark or confined spaces. The three settings are low, high and 20 minutes. There are three switches located on the drill to turn on the flashlights; consumers just choose the one that best corresponds to their needs.

So, Should You Buy It?

From the exterior appeal to execution, the Dewalt DCD996B regularly gets compared to its former model the DCD985. The previous model used a brush motor which put only 535 UWO, whereas the latest model is putting out 820 UWO. That is a significant difference in units of watts output from one model to another. For those who are unfamiliar, a traditional brush motor is composed of carbon brushes, ring of magnets and a commutator. As you pull the trigger on the drill, power is transferred from the brushes to the commutator which then transfers that power to the armature. A brushless motor uses a similar principle. However, the brushes and commutator have been replaced by a circuit board. By removing those parts, the model becomes more efficient and can sense the material it is penetrating whether it be more or less resistant. By using that information, the product determines the amount of voltage necessary.

Now the Dewalt DCD996B sleek exterior is not only visually appealing but serves a purpose. The drill’s clutch is nitrocarburized. What that means is the metal is infused by nitrogen and carbon which strengthens the metal and prevents corrosion. This is ideal for those who find themselves working in unpredictable climates. Another favorite feature on the model is the flashlight which has three settings: low, high and 20 minutes. If you work in tight and confined spaces, this is ideal because you have two tools in one and you are not forced to work one handed while the other is holding a flashlight for clearer visibility.

Overall, the Dewalt DCD996B is a product that everyone should own no matter their skill level. Many are hesitant to invest in the model due to the prize. Amazon sells the Dewalt DCD996B for a little under $200.00, which is the best deal you will come across on the market. Still not sure? Three words to seal the deal: power, durability and cordless. Consumers will not find another drill like the Dewalt DCD996B for the price. It is an investment that will pay off with every use.


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Black & Decker BDCI20C 20V Cordless Drill Review

Black & Decker BDCI20C 20V
Cordless Drill Review

The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is great jack-of-all-trades cordless drill. It’s is great for around-the-house jobs while staying lightweight and compact, but isn’t a great option for people who are construction workers by trade or need a heavy-duty workhorse product. This cordless drill is designed to take stress off the body, providing a softer and more ergonomic experience for the everyday handyman. This Black & Decker BDCI20C impact cordless drill review will walk you through the good, bad, and every feature in between.

Product Features:

  • Variable speeds: The driver can operate at a range of speeds to adjust to the intensity of the project at hand. This is an incredibly handy feature as not only can it help the machine bulk up for tough projects, it can serve the opposite function—preventing over-powering and damaging projects that may not need as much power. This includes a quick energy boom feature through a quick trigger-activated motion for the power required to slide a screw in quickly.
  • Affordability: If you want a real cordless drill, prices can skyrocket to the hundreds of dollars. The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v provides all the power and features the average around the house worker would need at a fraction of the price. The affordable investment in this drill will protect the integrity of your home and projects.
  • Durable: If you treat it right, this drill will last for years. While intense projects might wear it down a bit too much, but it can handle repeated, everyday projects with grace. Even after being repeatedly dropped on concrete, the product can keep going. This tool will stay powerful over the years without needing to be replaced.
  • Fast Work: Between the 1375 inch-pounds max torque and the 20 volts of power, the Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v makes quick work of everyday jobs. It secures screws with record speed and cuts all-day work into an easy afternoon project.

Product Specifications:

  • 3.6 pounds: The lightweight design makes it easy to hold in place for completing jobs without wearing out. It can be held at strange angles and overhead without wearing on your muscles, and is easy to carry on adventures for on-the-road repairs.
  • 7.9 by 3 by 9 inches: The compact design doesn’t sacrifice power. This drill can fit in tight spaces for complex project, but offer the voltage and strength needed for truly secure work.
  • 20 volts of power: This powerful motor can stay chugging throughout a project rather than requiring intermittent charges. The voltage allows for increased power, helping this machine take on household projects like a champ. Bonus plus: the battery can fit other Black & Decker 20 volt tools interchangeably. Buying other Black & Decker tools gets cheaper since you can purchase the device without the battery.
  • 1375 inch-pounds max torque: The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v uses its powerful transmission to apply 1375 pounds of pressure into turns, helping to spin tough, stuck bolts with ease. This feature really helps you to realize how powerful this little device is. It fastens or removes bolts quickly, turning with incredible speed.
  • ¼ inch quick chuck hex release: This feature allows for simple bit removal and replacement. Switching bits is a breeze with this product thanks to its quick release feature. The hex nut is a small part that stays connected to the drill to secure the bits. With one quick turn, the piece is removed, and another installs a new bit with ease.
  • Lithium-ion battery: This durable, rechargeable battery holds the charge for the long lasting performance. Lithium ion batteries work through the lithium acting as a catalyst for electron transfer between the anode and cathode, which generates an electrical charge. Lithium is a great addition to a standard battery as it makes the system rechargeable; while being charged, the electrons move in reverse (from the cathode to anode). This process is like winding up a toy car. When the system is fully depleted (or unwound), it can easily be recharged (or wound), setting it apart from other batteries.

What can the Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v be used for?

The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is great for around-the-house work. While this cordless drill might not be the strongest of those in the field, it offers incredible power for the price. This model is especially ideal for overhead projects; with most tools, the six- or seven-pound weight can get exhausting to keep elevated over long periods of time. This drill is only 3.6 pounds, making it a great fit for projects in tight spaces or awkward fits. While it can’t quite handle removing lug nuts from cars and other heavy machinery, it can be used on bikes, four wheelers, and the like. This machine is perfect for projects like putting up fences, deck work, removing license plate screws, pulling off stuck bolts, constructing garage shelves, building steps, or securing sheet rock.

So, Should You Buy It?

The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is a powerful tool for around-the-house usage. While it may not have the power needed for professional use or hardcore projects, it’s got plenty of oomph for everyday projects. The small, compact design is perfect for transporting and use in awkward spaces and helps the drill be comfortable to the user as it absorbs most of the shock from use. The 1375 inch-pounds of max torque helps this model to take finesse screws like a pro, and remove some of the most stuck bolts and screws. For the price, this little machine is a fantastic option, but for more intense use and a bit more money, there are stronger drills out there. There are a few features this drill is missing that many of the newer drills have, like LED lighting or a belt clip for convenience, but in our opinion, the low price and high value makes up for these lacking features. Overall, the Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is an excellent addition to any toolkit and is a significant investment into the security and integrity of your everyday projects.


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Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT Cordless Drill Review

Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT
Cordless Drill Review

All the power you need to be invested in one cordless hammer drill lies within the Makita XRH05Z. If you know how to use a drill, this power-house will out-do any other model you have ever used. Completely outperforming similar products, this high-grade machine is making construction and projects easier than ever. 

Whether you need a project done quickly, or a hard job is done correctly, the Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT is the tool for the job. It performs with high excellence and will never lose its power from age and wear. This industry leading rotary hammer gets the hard jobs done right, and the secure jobs are done quickly. Common questions arise such as how to use the machine for screws, how to put in a drill bit, how to attach machine the bit, and how to use an electric model. The good news is, the Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT can master any sized screw quickly and simply for the user behind the machine. Power and efficiency are not the only important things this model delivers, but the ultimate experience through its comfortable soft-grip handle and large finger trigger to help enhance further comfort on the job. The carefully designed handle is also vibration absorbent engineered for optimum comfort, especially for those long and hard jobs. In this Makita XRH05Z hammer cordless drill review, we will show you everything about it that you need to know.

Product Features:

The Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT is top of the line for a reason. It has become increasingly popular for its 18-volt power solution, cordless function, the long-lasting battery power, fast drilling capabilities, and it’s optimum hand comfort that is hard to find in many products. This Makita model isn’t just meant for any job, it’s meant for every job. Those who aren’t handy with how to use these products, the Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT is easy to learn and manage almost immediately out of the package. In fact, one of the biggest questions customers ask is how to put a drill bit in the machine. The good news is, this best cordless machine will make that part obvious and straightforward enough. Talk about user-friendly! That is why the Makita is one of the leading products on the market. If there are doubts still floating about, the complete product features are listed below for your convenience.

  • 18 Volt Solution for those Corded Power Demands.
  • Two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries to deliver optimum power and run time for immediate needs without leaving its 18V LXT platform.
  • Makita-built motor that delivers 0-1, 250 RPM, 0-5,000 BPM and 3.0 Joules of instant impact energy for efficient and fast drilling.
  • Vibration-absorbent handles engineered for optimum and increased operating comfort.
  • Ergonomic developed soft-grip handle.
  • Large two finger trigger for provided comfort during the job.

Product Specifications:

It’s easy to separate the Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT from the rest in its product range because its specifications cover much larger and are highly beneficial to the worker behind the machine and the project behind the employee. It’s specially created Makita-built motor delivers much more than any basic machine and provides fast spin technology for intense projects. 

  • Engineered to meet demands of a corded 1” drilling or hammering concrete foundations
  • Cordless to avoid any additional hazards during hard projects, and for convenience
  • Delivers up to twice the spinning speed of an 18V rotary hammer, and gets into about three times as many holes.
  • 3-mode operation
  • one-touch sliding chuck
  • Torque limiting clutch

What Can the Makita XRH05Z 18v X2 Be Used For?

Meant for hard surfaces, long duration projects, and great hard-driven construction, the Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT is the best machine for the job. You won’t be asking how to operate a drill or how to use a driver with this one. Its user-friendly capabilities come as surprising to many buyers because of its high-grade and immense power characteristics.

This cordless model will provide the entire essentials to answer those commonly asked questions. In fact, the cordless model is easier to manage than the model with a cord. This type of product is engineered correctly for any construction job and meant to handle any level of difficulties.

So, Should You Buy It?

The Makita XRH05Z 18V X2 LXT is the tool for the job as it will get a project done quickly, correctly and efficiently. This industry leading drill performs with high excellence and will never lose its power and drive from age and wear.

Buyers will never have to ask how to use the product as it is a very simple machine to use in the first place. By just reading the manual, you will easily figure out how to use the Makita XRH-5Z because that is what it was made for. Despite its functions being more suitable for beginners, it still has the capability of being a very adequate product for bigger projects. This is definitely on a league of its own. 



Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18
Cordless Drill Review

Whether you are a homeowner who enjoys DIY projects, or a professional contractor with heavy duty jobs to be done on a daily basis, when you are in the market for a new drill or impact driver, you have a lot of options to consider. Be that as it may, the Milwaukee brand is probably on the top of your list of manufacturers to investigate, and rightly so.

With its over 90 years of tool manufacturing and expertise, Milwaukee has often led the way in durable, quality tools that push the industry to the next level with regards to technological advancements.

Milwaukee tools certainly have led the industry for its compact cordless drills and impact drivers, with incredible quality and leading innovations like its REDLINK INTELLIGENCE technology that helps protect their drills and drivers from overload and improves their longevity. Their drills and drivers always take it to the next level and rarely disappoint.

Their light, compact Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 ¼” Hex Impact Driver meets this same high bar. One of the lightest and most compact of its class, it has an astounding power to weight ratio and provides quite the punch for such a comparatively small driver.

In this Mikwaukee 2656-20 M18 impact cordless drill review, we will go over its features, specifications, and jobs its best at before delivering a verdict to help you determine whether this is the next tool you want/need to add to your collection.

Product Features:

As mentioned above, the Milwaukee M18 is incredibly compact, making it great for use in tight work spaces and one of the best in its class for a power-size ratio.

It’s light weight and easy to use nature makes it perfect for those wanting to add an impact driver to their home tool collection for DIY projects around the house, but its power and special features also make it perfect for those doing intense contracting work on a daily basis.

Here are just some of its features:

  • 4-Pole Frameless Motor: since a brushless motor means less resistance and friction, this robust motor design ensures longer engine life, while simultaneously increasing its power and runtime
  • Milwaukee Impact Mechanism: Milwaukee’s proprietary impact mechanism technology provides max power and speed to the effect of greater on the job efficiency without leaving your arm feeling wasted from the impact
  • REDLINK Intelligence: Milwaukee’s proprietary advanced technology that communicates with every element of the tool (body, battery, and charger) to protect it from overload during intense, abusive work situations, and offers improved temperature control to increase drill life, a must have feature to protect your investment
  • ¼” Hex Quick-Connect Chuck: saves time by simplifying how you change out your bits for a speedier and smoother transition on the job
  • LED Light: lights up your work space in dark or cramped working conditions and keeps you from having to hold or have an additional flashlight
  • Fuel Gauge: fuel gauge located on the battery helps you know how much life your drill has left and better time your charging and work sessions
  • Low Profile Battery: the M18’s battery pack is rather low profile, making it lighter weight without lessening its power
  • All-metal reversible belt clip: durable metal belt clip that can reverse for easier tool storage
  • Compact & Light Weight: this Milwaukee weighs in at only 3.1 pounds and is a compact 5-1/2”; its small size and light weight make it perfect for more cramped, awkward work areas as well as for longer use without tiring the user

Product Specifications:

For all its power and features, the Milwaukee M18 truly is one of the most compacts in its class. A look at its specs makes its excellent power/weight ratio much more tangible:

  • Voltage: 18V Lithium-Ion battery
  • Length: 5-1/2”
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs with compact battery
  • No Load RPM: 0-2,750
  • On-Board FUEL Gauge: Fuel gauge featured on battery
  • Anvil Size/Type: ¼” Hex Quick Change
  • No Load IPM: 0-3,450
  • Torque: 1,500 in-lbs
  • Package: tool (battery and charger not included)
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty

What Can the Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 Be Used For?

Like other impact drivers, the Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 is ideal for jobs that require an exorbitant amount of screws, or that need long or thick screws or fasteners to be screwed into dense, sturdy materials. It is perfect for driving screws and fasteners and is easy to use and manage.

Customer testimonials assert that the Milwaukee M18 is ideal for jobs like:

  • Driving lag bolts
  • Drywall
  • Metal Fab
  • Woodworking
  • Mounting TVs and CCTV cameras

Any job that will require a lot of repetitive and hefty driving, especially if it’s in a tighter space, can be accomplished by this little Milwaukee M18 impact driver.

So, Should You Buy It?

All in all, the Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 ranks high up among cordless, compact drills in its class. True to the Milwaukee brand, it is made with excellent quality, and Milwaukee’s proprietary technologies, like the REDLINK Intelligence and Impact Mechanism that help improve its longevity and its efficiency.

Both professional contractors and DIYers report the M18’s ease of use and its impressive efficiency, especially for something so lightweight and compact.

The only drawback to the M18 is that it is not sold with its battery and charger, which makes getting started with it a bit more expensive, and there is an apparent tendency for the battery to start draining more quickly. However, many customers report that once they got the whole tool assembled, its performance is excellent, and just replacing the battery after its time restores it to “like new” power and battery life.

Another option which resolves the above drawback is to buy it in the combo kit, which includes the M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill, the battery charger, two batteries and the 2656-20 M18 Impact Driver, which comes in at approximately only a hundred dollars more than buying the impact driver by itself.

For an impact driver of such high quality from a manufacturer like Milwaukee, it is worth the price and will meet all of your basic driving and fastening needs. It’s a must have in your tool collection.