Black & Decker BDCI20C 20V Cordless Drill Review

Black & Decker-Cordless Drill Review

The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is a great jack-of-all-trades cordless drill. It’s is great for around-the-house jobs while staying lightweight and compact, but isn’t a great option for people who are construction workers by trade or need a heavy-duty workhorse product. This cordless drill is designed to take the stress off the body, providing a softer and more ergonomic experience for the everyday handyman. This Black & Decker BDCI20C impact cordless drill review will walk you through the good, bad, and every feature in between.

Product Features

  • Variable speeds: The driver can operate at a range of speeds to adjust to the intensity of the project at hand. This is an incredibly handy feature as not only can it help the machine bulk up for tough projects, it can serve the opposite function—preventing over-powering and damaging projects that may not need as much power. This includes a quick energy boom feature through a quick trigger-activated motion for the power required to slide a screw in quickly.
  • Affordability: If you want a real cordless drill, prices can skyrocket to hundreds of dollars. The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v provides all the power and features the average around the house worker would need at a fraction of the price. The affordable investment in this drill will protect the integrity of your home and projects.
  • Durable: If you treat it right, this drill will last for years. While intense projects might wear it down a bit too much, it can handle repeated, everyday projects with grace. Even after being repeatedly dropped on concrete, the product can keep going. This tool will stay powerful over the years without needing to be replaced.
  • Fast Work: Between the 1375 inch-pounds max torque and the 20 volts of power, the Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v makes quick work of everyday jobs. It secures screws with record speed and cuts all-day work into an easy afternoon project.



Product Specifications

  • 3.6 pounds: The lightweight design makes it easy to hold in place for completing jobs without wearing out. It can be held at strange angles and overhead without wearing on your muscles and is easy to carry on adventures for on-the-road repairs.
  • 7.9 by 3 by 9 inches: The compact design doesn’t sacrifice power. This drill can fit in tight spaces for a complex project, but offer the voltage and strength needed for truly secure work.
  • 20 volts of power: This powerful motor can stay chugging throughout a project rather than requiring intermittent charges. The voltage allows for increased power, helping this machine take on household projects like a champ. Bonus plus: the battery can fit other Black & Decker 20-volt tools interchangeably. Buying other Black & Decker tools gets cheaper since you can purchase the device without the battery.
  • 1375 inch-pound max torque: The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v uses its powerful transmission to apply 1375 pounds of pressure into turns, helping to spin tough, stuck bolts with ease. This feature really helps you to realize how powerful this little device is. It fastens or removes bolts quickly, turning with incredible speed.
  • ¼ inch quick chuck hex release: This feature allows for simple bit removal and replacement. Switching bits is a breeze with this product thanks to its quick release feature. The hex nut is a small part that stays connected to the drill to secure the bits. With one quick turn, the piece is removed, and another installs a new bit with ease.
  • Lithium-ion battery: This durable, rechargeable battery holds the charge for long-lasting performance. Lithium-ion batteries work through the lithium acting as a catalyst for electron transfer between the anode and cathode, which generates an electrical charge. Lithium is a great addition to a standard battery as it makes the system rechargeable; while being charged, the electrons move in reverse (from the cathode to the anode). This process is like winding up a toy car. When the system is fully depleted (or unwound), it can easily be recharged (or wound), setting it apart from other batteries.

What can the black & decker BDCI20C used for?

The Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is great for around-the-house work. While this cordless drill might not be the strongest of those in the field, it offers incredible power for the price. This model is especially ideal for overhead projects; with most tools, the six- or seven-pound weight can get exhausting to keep elevated over long periods of time.

This drill is only 3.6 pounds, making it a great fit for projects in tight spaces or awkward fits. While it can’t quite handle removing lug nuts from cars and other heavy machinery, it can be used on bikes, four-wheelers, and the like. This machine is perfect for projects like putting up fences, deck work, removing license plate screws, pulling off stuck bolts, constructing garage shelves, building steps, or securing sheet rock.

So, Should You Buy It?

Black & Decker BDCI20C 20VThe Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is a powerful tool for around-the-house usage. While it may not have the power needed for professional use or hardcore projects, it’s got plenty of oomph for everyday projects. The small, compact design is perfect for transporting and use in awkward spaces and helps the drill be comfortable to the user as it absorbs most of the shock from use. The 1375 inch-pounds of max torque helps this model to take finesse screws like a pro, and remove some of the most stuck bolts and screws. For the price, this little machine is a fantastic option, but for more intense use and a bit more money, there are stronger drills out there.

There are a few features this drill is missing that many of the newer drills have, like LED lighting or a belt clip for convenience, but in our opinion, the low price and high value make up for these lacking features. Overall, the Black & Decker BDCI20C 20v is an excellent addition to any toolkit and is a significant investment into the security and integrity of your everyday projects.


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