Best cheap impact driver

What actually an impact driver is?

Well, the impact driver is NOT just a regular cordless drill! This is for sure. You will need to use an impact driver for strong-bolts, tough screws and any hard part of a machine that wouldn’t easily be driven by a regular cordless drill. 

So, if you hear someone telling his friend that he needs an impact driver because there are a lot of things that he must finish around the house, be sure that he is right. It is definitely a must-have tool for DIY guys, but for the professionals also.

These wonderful tools can be used for so many things, as long as you get the right one. Even though many look the same, there are significant differences between some of these tools. We prefer and advise the cordless impact drivers because they’re so versatile. Who wants to drag around a power cord if it’s not needed?!

The impact driver is designed for heavy tasks requiring strong torque and beastly handling. You can do this manually, of course, but how efficient will you be? The impact driver makes up to 27 impacts in 0.5second (that is 3200 Impacts-Per-Minute) – can you do this manually?

Let`s take a closer look at the best affordable impact drivers!

But before we start, take a look at our Buyer’s Guide. There are a lot of tips and tricks you didn’t know.

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