5 Best Cheap Impact Driver Drill Reviews [2023]

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Many home DIY enthusiasts and hobby carpenters do need power tools to make their life easier. No matter what category you fit into you probably don’t have the same budget as a professional contractor. Most of the time you don’t even need tools that will last as long as commercial machines.

So, why should go and spend a fortune on the occasional use of drills?

The simple answer is that you shouldn’t If you’re just going to use a drill and driver at weekends around the house or your home workshop, then a cheap product will probably work just as well.

To help you save some money we have put together this list of the 5 best cheap impact driver drill products available right now. You will recognize some top brands in there, so we’re not just going for no-name options. Keep in mind, that the low price does mean that there are limited features and no extras included.

Before you hit the checkout button, just make sure that you have all the extra items like batteries and chargers. If you don’t have those in your garage, then add them to your order so you’re good to go.

Editor’s Choice

Universal Use / Compact Size
Makita XDT11Z
Great Multi Speed Settings
Ryobi One+ P238
Most Powerful Option
Speed 3000 RPM
Weight 1 lb
Chuck ‎6.35mm
BTRY Included
Voltage 20V
‎2 Year-Warranty
Speed 2900 RPM
Weight ‎2.2 lb
BTRY Not Included
Chuck 10mm
Voltage 18V
‎3 Year-Warranty
Speed ‎3100 RPM
Weight ‎‎3.1 lb
Torque ‎2000 Inch
BTRY Not Included
Voltage 18V
‎Warranty /


Best Cheap impact Driver Drill Recommendations

1 – BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C: Most Universal Use And Compact Size

Black-&-Decker-BDCI20C-20V-Best-Cheap-IImpact Driver-drill

Top of our list of best cheap impact driver drill products is this Black & Decker one. It isn’t the cheapest on this list, but for the extra few Dollars, you do get a battery included. However, you will still need the charger, so if you don’t have similar batteries already in your workshop then you need to add one to your order.

The motor and transmission on this impact drill driver will produce 1375 pounds of torque. For the majority of home uses that will be more than enough. Unless you deal with some very thick and hard timber, you’ll be fine. What’s also really great about this one is that it’s so small and compact. For any job in tight spaces, you simply can’t afford to battle with a bulky machine.

With variable speed settings, you can adjust to every job you do. Whether that’s precision detail on a cabinet or fast and powerful for fitting a decking.

The hex chuck is fast-releasing so you don’t have to battle for ages to get the driver bits swapped out. On some older tools, this can be a real pain and you often end up trying to use the wrong bit to save time.

The main downside is that the motor and transmission are not designed for all-day use. If you do have a large job where you’ll spend hours driving decking screws heads then it could burn out quite quickly.




  • Motor and transmission provide 1375 in-lbs for excellent torque
  • Fast-releasing hex chuck to make switching bits easier
  • ​Very compact and light makes it ideal for tight spaces
  • ​Lithium Ion battery for longer work time on each charge
  • Variable speed settings help you adjust to the job


  • No extras are included
  • Not suit


2 – Milwaukee M18 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver: For Tougher Jobs

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18

Milwaukee is one of those brands you’re likely to see at every construction site. Over the years they have built a reputation for quality and durability. If power is what you’re after then this M18 model is going to be your solution. With 1500 pounds of torque you will have plenty of power for even the tougher jobs around the home.

The motor is also durable enough to make this a viable option for professional use. You’ll be happy to know that the motor and transmission are clever enough to protect it from overload. So, if you’re on a job that is taking a lot out of your tools you know it won’t just cave in and die.

Many situations will put you in a dark corner with limited light. It’s always difficult to see what you’re doing then, even if you have a lamp or torch. Most of the time you just can’t get it to shine in the right place without blinding you.

The LED lights on this tool will help with that as they always point in the right direction. It’s convenient and works every time.

To free up your hands in awkward places it’s not always easy to put the tool down. That’s where you want to take advantage of the built-in belt clip. It’s simple and effective.

On the downside, you want to make sure you add a battery to your order, as it really is just the bare tool. And there is also just a one-speed setting which doesn’t give you flexibility between precision and power.




  • Brings you 1,500 in-lbs torque for even the toughest jobs
  • LED light helps to illuminate your workspace
  • ​Metal belt clip included for quick storage
  • ​The small design brings the exceptional power-to-size ratio


  • Battery not included
  • Only a 1-speed setting doesn’t give much flexibility


3 – Ryobi One+ P238: The Most Powerful Option


If you need power for your jobs then this Ryobi is definitely a cheap impact driver to go for. At this price, you won’t find anything more powerful than the 3,100 RPM with 1600 pounds of torque. It’s actually very surprising that you can get such a professional-grade machine at this price. But it does mean that you have to buy the battery and charger extra.

The rubber grip has been very well-researched and designed to fit the shape of your hand better. The rubber also absorbs a lot of the vibrations which makes it a lot easier to use for longer-lasting jobs. You’ll be glad for this feature if you do anything other than just a few short tasks of a couple of minutes.

For excellent visibility in even dark spaces where you struggle to get a torch, there are tri-beam LEDs at the front. These provide plenty of light and practically don’t use any battery power. No matter where you end up, you’ll know that you can always see enough to get the job done right.

The hex bit size is ideal and will fit pretty much every standard bit on the market, and the great thing is that changing them is very fast. No tools are required and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be all set.

A battery is not included, but the good thing is that if you have any Ryobi One+ batteries from other devices they will fit as well. Most people have some backup batteries, especially for long days of DIY, so if you have one of them you’re all set.




  • The motor provides 3100 RPM and 1600 pounds of torque
  • Rubber grip to make it more ergonomically for long uses
  • ​Triple LED lighting for better visibility
  • ​Super-fast bit change without the need for a tool
  • Fully compatible with all One+ batteries
  • Ultra lightweight and compact


  • Battery is extra
  • This model is a bit heavier than all others


4 – Makita XDT11Z: Great Multi Speed Settings


Most cabinet makers will be looking for the best cordless impact driver’s drill with multiple speed settings. If that’s what you need then this Makita model is a great choice. 2-speed settings give you good flexibility. And when you need raw power it will run up to 1460 pounds of torque.

At 2.8 pounds, it is also one of the lightest options. And that includes a standard-size battery. However, if you don’t have a battery that fits, you’ll need to add one to your order.

The metal belt clip is something that most people can appreciate. There are so many times when you might need both hands, but there’s nowhere to safely put the tools down.

On the downside, this is a brushed motor that won’t last as long as the higher-end brushless ones. And it will tend to drain the battery quicker as a result. Overall though, this is a great option from a top brand at a reasonable price.




  • Maximum torque of 1,460lbs is enough for most jobs
  • A 2-speed motor gives you great flexibility to adapt to the job
  • ​Very compact and lightweight design at just 2.8 pounds
  • ​Fast bit change without any tools
  • ​Metal belt clip included


  • Not powerful enough for commercial use
  • A brushed motor means the battery won’t last as long


5 – Craftsman C3


Sometimes you’re better off with separate tools for driving and drilling. But there are not that many cheap cordless drill and impact driver drill combo kit options out there. In most cases, they are high-end and too expensive for simple home use.

This Craftsman tool set fills that gap nicely. The batteries and a charger are included, and they will provide enough power for the majority of DIY jobs. There are even LED lights built in that will help you see what you’re doing if you need to get stuck into dark corners.

What’s also a nice touch is that there is a bit holder on each side of the base that allows you to keep multiple ones handy without having to drag around other accessory cases.

You can even fine-adjust to different speeds, which is very important to be able to work on some details in cabinet making.

On the downside, the tools are not powerful enough for commercial use and would last when used all day. And the carry case is not padded enough to protect the tools if you have to move them around a lot.




  • Very cheap driver drill combo kit ideal for DIY
  • Batteries and charger included
  • ​LED light on both tools for better visibility
  • ​Bit holders built into both sides
  • ​Variable speed modes settings for more precise work


  • Too weak for commercial use
  • The included case is not protective enough

What is special about an impact driver?

In order to find the best cheap impact driver drill, you don’t have to make huge sacrifices. The above list contains some great options that can even be used professionally. No matter what you end up buying, here are the main features to focus on, to avoid getting blinded by marketing material.


Generally speaking, brushless cordless are the best as they last longer and require less energy. However, they are a lot more expensive and at the price range of the above options, that’s just not going to be possible.

Instead, focus on the power output measured in pounds of torque to help you get a great tool for your projects. The more powerful tool the motor the more types of jobs you’ll be able to complete.


This is important if you need to get into awkward spaces. Heavy tools will start causing pain if you have to hold them for a long time. Pains in your arms and shoulders can become severe and over time even cause lasting damage. If you’re going to be in a lot of tight spaces, then pick something that is light.

Power Source

Corded options are out there but we really recommend staying away from them. It just happens too often that you end up in a situation where you just don’t have a convenient socket.

Batteries these days last a very long time and you can get additional back-ups relatively cheaply as well. For most people that will be more than enough to keep projects going.


One thing that is missing on this list of best cheap impact driver drill reviews is a cheap DeWalt impact driver. The reason for that is that there are very few of them. And those have just tended to underperform the above. If you need a cheap tool, then DeWalt is just not going to be the right choice.

Instead, focus on the above ones and enjoy some extra money in your pocket. You can also check out our hammer drill review section on this website if you have some special projects coming up.

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