5 Best Drill Bit Set Options:Titanium & Cobalt Choices


Whether you’re working professionally with power tools or are just a weekend DIY warrior, one thing you can never have too many of is drill bits. The problem is that there are so many bad products out there. They either won’t stand up to the demands of a busy job site. Or they don’t give you the precision for your hobby cabinet making.

You will need different types of bits for different materials you drill through. The most common types are wood, stone, and metal, and they all vary in the hardness of the bits.

But even among the different types of bits, there are a vast amount of differences when it comes to quality and precision. You can get some cheap bits that will work fine for basic around-the-house stuff. But you’ll struggle to make cheap products last if you do anything more than hang pictures and set up some shelving.

We have put together this list to help you find the best drill bit set for your needs and budget. It covers everything from commercial grade to affordable and durable home DIY use.

Our 5 Best Drill Bit Set Recommendations

1 – Irwin Tools: Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set

If you’re drilling in a lot of metal, steel, and hardened alloy materials, you need drill bits that will stand up to that demand. Unfortunately, allow materials are tough to deal with, and this Irwin Tools option is a very well-priced product.

The drill bits have 5% Cobalt mixed in, a metal that reduces the effects of friction and heat. When drilling into metal, you will get tremendous friction, which will significantly heat up the drill bit.
Those forces will quickly damage the structure of the bits unless you have Cobalt mixed in.

This set includes 29 bits which range from 1/16 inch to 1/2. It will cover the majority of everyday work tasks, and you’ll find that you can get more work done with less breakage.

The split point is well designed with just the right angle to avoid “walking” on the metal surface. It will also require less pressure to get started, increasing the overall durability.

The main downside is that the hard case is quite tricky to open. It will take some getting used to, but it does keep the bits safe and tidy.





  • Cobalt drill bit set to reduce wear from heat and friction
  • Hard wearing makes them ideal for metals including tough alloys
  • ​29-piece set from 1/16 inch to ½ inch
  • ​Hard case with three-bit holders to keep them safe and protected
  • ​Split points are designed to limit the effect of walking on the surface


  • The case can be awkward to open
  • The high price makes them less suitable for home use


2 – Mastercraft Titanium: Huge Selection For Different Materials

The most extensive set on this recommended list is the Mastercraft option here. All the bits are Titanium coated. It is an extremely hard-wearing material that will increase the practical life of every single item.

There are a total of 230 pieces included. When you look at the price tag, that’s an excellent value-for-money offer. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from designated bits for wood, metal, and synthetic plastic materials. The only thing that they are not suitable for is masonry and concrete.

The storage box is excellent in that it keeps everything neat and tidy. And the hard casing also makes sure that it stays protected in transit and at busy job sites. In addition, the sizes are spread out from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch, which does give a lot of flexibility.

But there are a few standard sizes that aren’t included, so check out the product details at Amazon to ensure the exact sizes you need are included.




  • 230-piece titanium coated set for more durability
  • Sizes range from 1/16 inch to ½ inch
  • ​Great value for money given the versatile uses
  • ​Great for wood, metal, and synthetic plastic materials
  • ​Heavy-duty storage case included


  • Not suitable for stone and concrete
  • Not all common sizes are included


3 – Bosch MS4091: Great Driver Combo Set

More often than not, you’re going to use a drill and driver or maybe a combo power tool. Using one tool for drilling holes and the same one for driving screws gives you great flexibility at home and on busy commercial projects.

Getting a combo set of drill and driver bits is an ideal solution. It belongs in every toolbox as it gives you so much flexibility. This Bosch best drill bit set fills that gap perfectly. There are a total of 91 bits included. And unless you need huge holes, you’ll likely be covered for the most common sizes.

They are also all titanium coated, making them a lot harder to wear. You’ll notice that the sharp edges don’t blunt as quickly.

The drill bits are suitable for wood, stone, and metal, so there will be very few jobs that you won’t be able to do. Just make sure you always pick the right bit for the job you’re facing.

The hard case is very well designed to keep everything tidy and in place. While in transport or at busy job sites, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. There is even a convenient ratchet screwdriver included.

The main downsides are that some of the smaller driver bits can be very difficult to get out. You might need to use the extension to push them out. And for the drill bit sizes, there is not a huge selection. So, check the sizes to ensure you have everything you need for your most common jobs.




  • Great selection of 91 drill and driver bits
  • Titanium drill bit set for more durability
  • ​The tough carrying case that will stand up to job site wear
  • ​Includes bits of wood, stone, and metal
  • Also includes ratcheting a screwdriver


  • Difficult to get smaller bits out
  • Limited bit sizes


4 – Makita B-51661: Ideal For Contractors

Makita is one of the leading power tool and construction brands. And when you need a kit of drill and driver bits for use as a contractor, then this 66-piece option is going to suit just fine. It’s the ideal combination of drill and driver accessories.

And what’s unique about it on this list is that it also includes spade bits. These are ideal for drilling larger holes in wood and plastic. But how often have you needed one only to not find one in your tool bag?

The price for this drill bit set is excellent, and you could even invest in two boxes to have some backups. The case is very well designed, as it comes with two trays. You can use the bottom one for extra tools.

And the smaller bits are stored in separate containers to avoid losing them. Or worse, they end up just flying around the case, and you can never find what you need.

All materials, including wood, stone, and metal, will be covered. But it would help if you were careful with the insert trays, as they are not the hardest to wear. And the smaller accessories can be tough to remove.

Makita B-51661



  • Large selection of drill and driver bits
  • Includes spade bits for more commercial job uses
  • ​Smaller bits are in a separate container for safekeeping
  • ​The hard case has multiple trays for storing additional tools
  • Provides a great range of uses for all types of materials


  • Insert tray is not the most durable
  • Some bits are difficult to get out


5 – DEWALT DW1361: Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

This set of DeWalt products is probably one of the best value options you could invest in. You won’t get a brand-name product at this low price with the quality associated with this company. This set is fully titanium coated, making it a lot harder to wear.

You will be able to drill through metals like steel and wood with ease and confidence that they won’t wear and break every couple of minutes, even though alloy metals can be dealt with relative ease.

The drill bit set comprises 21 bits ranging from 1/16 to 1/2 inch; for most hobbies and commercial work, that will be more than enough to keep you going.

The split tip is designed to reduce “walk” on the surface by an absolute minimum. As a result, it will give you much more precision with less effort.
And with a tapered web design, you significantly reduce the risk of the bits snapping. So even if you apply a lot of pressure, you won’t find them snapping too quickly.

The main downside is the case. The bits tend to be significantly loose inside and, once opened, tend to slip out. Just something to keep in mind and get used to when you’re opening the case.




  • Titanium coated for very hard wearing durability
  • Includes 21 bits from 1/16 to ½ inch size
  • ​Will work on all types of metal including alloys
  • ​Excellent design to reduce walk and slipping
  • Tapered web design reduces the risk of breaking


  • Bits are a bit loose in the case
  • The case is a bit awkward to open


What are the features of a drill bit set?

We have put together this section to help you better compare products from different manufacturers. These are the main features you should focus on to ensure you get the full benefit. Only when you understand your top priorities can you make sure you don’t get blinded by fancy marketing materials.


You first want to consider what size holes you will most commonly need. Of course, all the above products come in a wide range of sizes. But if you have specialty sizes or need an exact hole, ensure that the drill bit set includes what you need.


You also have to consider what you’re going to drill through. Again, this will impact the type of drill bit you need as materials like stone and steel require a different design and material on the cutting edge.

The tip will also be very different. For example, on metal drill bits, you’ll notice an almost needle-like split that helps to reduce the amount of walk you get on the surface.

You also want to look at the materials used to make the bits. For example, if you’re doing a lot of drilling in metals and alloys, you need something incredibly hard-wearing. At the very least, you’ll need a titanium-coated product. But for lots of metal drilling, you’re probably better off with something that has 5 to 10% Cobalt mixed in.

This metal will reduce the effect of heat and abrasion, increasing the amount of work you can get done with each bit.

Storage Case

It’s very important to keep your gear and accessories safe. Most often, things break when they are being transported. So, make sure you have a decent carrying case. It should also keep everything tidy and organized, so you don’t search for the correct size every time.


At this stage, you have all the information you need to choose the best drill bit set for your personal needs. Whether you need it for occasional home DIY jobs or professional jobs, you’ll find something above that suits your needs.

You have covered everything from wood to metal drill bit sets and even some driver combo kits.


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